Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Boone, NC

GUYS. It's Election Day. No, this isn't a big long rant about one of the candidates or how you need to vote (because we all know that, right?). It's a celebration about how the political ads about to end to make way for more wonderful holiday commercials and the social media rants will end (sorry, I've been a little guilty on Twitter of this but I've tried to keep it in check!). All in all, election years are the worst and I'm so glad it's over.

Onward to a much more pleasant topic: Boone, NC. Home of the Appalachian State Mountaineers. 
And where I met my favorite guy in the world. 

We were there this weekend for a best friend's mountain weekend and it was so amazing being back up in our mountains and soaking up all these views: 
Like, seriously: 
We had such a blast eating, drinking and just being silly. And luckily, we got some time to take Ellie into Boone and show her where her parents met ;) 

Today I want to tell you some of my favorites things to do in Boone so if you ever find yourself in the High Country, you'll know where to go! 


Los Arcos. This is our go-to Mexican restaurant. It's cheap, it's good and that's really all you need to know. It's in a small strip mall but don't let the location fool you - get in there an order cheese dip, margs and ACP. Trust. Me. 

Macado's. It turns out this isn't a local Boone restaurant but I didn't know that for the longest time and it feels local to us. The menu is probably the biggest menu I've ever seen and I've yet to have a bad meal there. On the way out, order a cinnamon bun. When you get back to your hotel/cabin, pop it in the microwave, put on your stretchy pants and enjoy. 
Boone Bagelry. This needs to be your breakfast spot every day of your trip. Order a Bagelicious, double stuffed and thank me later. 

Local Lion. If you're having a sweet tooth or coffee craving, Local Lion will solve these issues. This place opened my senior year and it's amazing. I wish it had been around longer! 

Wolfie's. World's best subs. But, if you blink, you will miss this LITERAL hole in the wall. This is always Christian's number one request when we are in Boone. Sadly, they are closed on Sunday so we missed it this time around. 


tApp Room. This place popped up my junior year with tons of beer options and good bar food. I used to go out here after working the closing shift at Cracker Barrel (yes, I worked at Cracker Barrel) - the perfect laid back bar feel without the blaring music #oldladystatus. 

Murphy's. Only go to Murphy's if you're wanting that dirty college bar vibe - dark, tons of people, blaring music and cheap beer. But, it's a blast. I've heard they have good food but I have no proof. 

Appalachian Mountain Brewery. If you've got the pup with you, this should be your spot. It gets pretty crowded on a Saturday but it's a very laid back atmosphere and great beer. 
Portofino's. I spent the majority of my 21st birthday here, so it does hold a special place in my heart. BUT the bar is pretty big inside with pool tables and great porch if the weather is nice! 


Blue Ridge Parkway. The Blue Ridge Parkway is about 15 minutes from Boone where you can take in the gorgeous scenery, hike, strap up an Eno, have a picnic or get engaged. Whatever strikes your fancy. 
Shopping. King Street is the main street of Boone and is right beside campus. There are great shops where you can buy art, antiques, App gear and plenty of other things! This is also where a lot of the restaurants and bars I mentioned are located. 

Mast General Store. This store is also on Kings Street but it gets it's own bullet because it's such a landmark! Obama even stopped in when I was in college. You'll find a lot of "outdoor" brands like North Face, Chacos, etc. but you'll also find some awesome knick knacks, coffee mugs, kitchen essentials and then the CANDY! There are giant candy barrels that you can fill a bag up with whatever you want! 

Ski/Snowboard/Snow Tube. App Ski Mountain is about 15/20 minutes from the heart of Boone. It's the only place I've gone skiing and it didn't go well. But, I'm sure you'll have better luck. There's also Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain. 

Grandfather Mountain. Grandfather Mountain is almost 6,000 feet above sea level and home of the Mile High Swinging Bridge. If you're going in the Fall/early Spring, be aware that it's windy up there! And if it's winter, be sure to check the website to make sure they're open! It's gets pretty icy up there during the winter!
I hope one day you make it to Boone to explore such an amazing little gem. I swear I'm not totally biased! 

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Boone looks like a great getaway! I've never thought about visiting until now :-)