Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tips for a Successful Lunchtime Workout

Let's talk about working out. Where do you fit it in? Do you wake up at the crack of dawn to get your workout out in or do you go right after work? Do you struggle to find time to even fit a workout in on a daily (or 2-3 times/week) basis? Because honestly, we all have a lot going on. I don't even have kids, yet, so I can only imagine what you mama's are dealing with! Between work, errands, social commitments, and let's be honest, our new favorite Fall shows, sometimes it's easy for your workout to fall to the side. 
But, I have a solution for those who struggle like me: lunch time workouts! Now, you're thinking "Ummmm no, I'll be sweaty and smelly and no one will want to be in the same room as me at work". Not to fear, I have some answers to this, too. 
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First off, you have to choose a workout that makes sense for a lunch break. Running 15 miles in the middle of August in the South isn't a viable solution. As I've mentioned here before once or twice, I do Pure Barre most of the time. This is a great workout for a lunch break (usually). My heart rate gets up but I don't always sweat buckets and it's easy to sneak out a little early during the final stretch to jet back to work. Some other lunchtime options might be yoga, pilates, reformer classes, some time spent on the elliptical and plenty of gyms like the YMCA offer shorter classes that are great for a lunch break!  
This goes without saying, I hope, but pick a gym/studio that's close to your office! My barre studio is about 10ish minutes from work so on a day that there's traffic, I can't always make it. 

Alright, so now that you know what you're doing and where you're going, I have a few tips to make it easier!

ONE// Wear.

If it's summer, wear a dress. Trust me. You don't want to be trying to shimmy back into skinny jeans or slacks while you're cooling down from a workout when it's 98 degrees outside... I've tried. OR wear the leggings you're going to work out in (obviously, this isn't kosher at every office, so please don't break the rules!). I did this recently and not only was a so comfy all day, it made changing before and after class much quicker!
What To Wear To Work Today: 3 Quick Ways To Style Yourself Faster | If you’re wearing leggings in the workplace, they usually look best over a long tunic, or shorter dress. The key to pulling off leggings at work is all dependent on the length of your top, and your accessories. Keep reading to find more tips!:
TWO// Hair.

Wash your hair that morning (or the night before if you're an evening bather). You want to start with the freshest slate possible. 

Use the workout to help your hair. If you're good at braiding, whip your hair into a French braid before class. If you're not (hi, me), pull your hair into a high top knot. This will give you volume and waves when you take it down after your workout. Of course, you can always leave your hair in both of these styles and still look awesome after your workout! 
THREE// Face.

Makeup setting spray, oil blotting sheets and dry shampoo -- your new best friends. Set your make up in the morning. I love Urban Decay's original spray for this! After class, you'll want the oil blotting sheets and dry shampoo. I don't always need the dry shampoo, but it never hurts! 
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FOUR // Rock it.

Finally, throw on some lipstick and rock that post workout glow! 


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