Friday, October 14, 2016

It's Friday, Friday!

Whoo! It's finally Friday! I absolutely adore my job but that doesn't stop me from being PUMPED about Friday. Especially when we have such an awesome weekend planned!

I'm jumping right in to a little Five on Friday action with April!

ONE // We're headed to Charlottesville today! I've got a short day at work so we should be up there in time for dinner and drinks with Kristin and her boyfriend!

TWO // I finally found a dress for a wedding this month that Christian is the best man for! My friend Lisa and I went to Southpark Mall last night and after at least 25 dresses, I found the one! Sadly, Francesca's doesn't have it online but I'll be doing a post on what to wear for Fall weddings next week and I'll make sure to include it!

THREE // My mom's birthday is next Saturday (the big 5-0) and I haven't gotten her a present yet. If anyone has some great ideas for a 50th present, I'm all ears! She has asked for a few little things, but I wanted to get something a little more special for this one!
FOUR //  Is anyone watching Designated Survivor on Wednesday nights? If not, you should. It's kind of a hybrid of Scandal and House of Cards in my opinion. Not quite as dramatic as those two, but it's a great political drama!
Image result for designated survivor
FIVE // How adorable is Ellie Dice?
I hope everyone has a magical weekend! :)


Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my GOSH. I am in LOVE with Designated Survivor! I used to love 24 back in the day, so anything with Kiefer Sutherland, you better believe I'm all over it! It's a great show!! Maybe for your moms birthday you could print her a canvas of a wedding photo? I love giving sentimental gifts! Have a great weekend, girl!

Kristi G said...

I need to start Designated Survivor - I've heard such good things about it! I'll have to check it out :) Your Ellie Dice is so cute!

The Lady Okie said...

We watched the first episode of Designated Survivor but haven't watched any others. We need to! It was good.