Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans.

Per usual around here, this weekend was nasty and rainy. BUT that did not stop Alyssa and I from making the best of it :) We got a lot accomplished so I'm jumping right in!


Friday night, I made some comfort food for dinner and Christian, Ellie, Zuko and I spent the entire night being super lazy and watching lots of LOST on Netflix. There are no pictures of this because, trust me, you don't want to see what I look like on a Friday night in wearing my biggest paint stained sweatpants and baggy t-shirt of Christian's. You would never come back ;)


Christian had to leave for work pretty early and luckily since Ellie went to daycare Friday, she was exhausted and slept in so I was able to, as well! Once I came downstairs, Ellie and I had the best snuggles all morning! She can be such a sweetie when she's not biting me or chewing through the walls. #puppylife

Once I was up and looking presentable, I grabbed Alyssa and we headed to Viva Chicken for lunch and completely stuffed our faces.

Afterwards, the shopping spree began. She swears by Burlington Coat Factory and I wanted to check it out so she finally showed me her digging ways! We definitely did some digging, but I lucked out with a great pair of leggings with a leather panel on the outside and a great black and white plaid shirt! I'm sure they'll both make into an outfit this week.

Then we hit up At Home and had an absolute blast looking at all the Christmas stuff and talking about how we wanted to decorate this year. We may or may not have each bought a thing or two... Maybe. Okay, definitely. But, Ellie really needs a stocking holder for the stocking I don't have for her. And I really needed the welcome sign for our yard. And Alyssa really needed the beautiful cone Christmas tree with her mantel.

Once we sufficiently enjoyed all the Christmas we were just really in the mood for Red Cups and a manicure.

Saturday night, Christian and I had a frozen pizza and spent some more time LOST and Once Upon a Time binging. It really was a SOLID rainy day.


As I mentioned last week, Pure Barre Southpark is hosting free Pure Barre classes on the weekends at Athleta at Southpark mall (Charlotte locals, join us next week!) Alyssa and I love a good discount so we headed over this morning to lift.tone.burn. with Caroline!

After the burn, we had to see the highly debated "glacier experience" at the mall that was taking place of the HUGE Christmas tree with Santa. I'm going to go off on a sidenote here for a second...

On Friday, Simon Malls announced that they would be doing away with Christmas trees in some of their malls and replacing it with a giant fake ice glacier and doing away with the annual tree lighting as well. The glacier would have a light show every 30 minutes as well. People in Charlotte LOST IT. Like, really lost it. There was a petition that got almost 30, 000 signatures and two hashtags started over it: #BringBackTheTree and #glaciergate. 

On Saturday, they announced they would add a tree into the glacier display and do both. Well, when Alyssa and saw it Sunday, it seemed like they may be taking the entire thing down and we were right! Sunday morning they did away with the entire thing and today they will be installing the tree! 

I'm curious, what are your thoughts? Would you be mad if your mall did away with such a timeless tradition that you look forward to every year such as taking away a Christmas tree?

Anyways, back to Sunday. After another stop for Red Cups on the way out of the mall and maybe possibly listening to Christmas music on the way home (no shame in our game), we got ready for some football!

The Panthers were 7-0 going into yesterday's game and we were really hoping for another WIN! Alyssa made the food, brought her horse dog (aka Ellie's best friend) and we got ready to cheer on the Panthers! Thankfully, they WON and are now officially 8-0!!!

Most of the pictures we have of Ellie and Boone are at the end of the day because they were little blurs running back and forth across the house and loving every second of it. After about 3 hours of playtime, they finally settled down for a little bit and we got some adorable pictures of them. They just really love us and they both love people that they each have to be touching someone at every moment.

And they photobombed every picture we tried to take. 
In addition to all the football and puppy fun, I also won an Instagram contest with this picture of me trying to do barre with Ellie and Boone trying to play. 

I hope you all had fun weekends and if you're in the South, I hope you stayed dry!

Happy Monday!

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Unknown said...

Such a fun weekend with you and the pups! Although the rain made us stray from our original plans, I think we still nailed it... and got the Christmas tree back :)

Teh Megan said...

YAY Panther win!
I'm torn on the Cmas tree issue. Part of me thinks change isn't always bad, but part of me is a stickler for traditions.