Friday, November 6, 2015

{A Link Up} 5 on Friday!

Three times this week? Is this a 2015 record?!

I have a Saturday full of blog planning planned with Alyssa so hopefully you'll see some consistency around these parts now! Today, I'm jumping back into the groove with a little 5 of Friday action!

one // Red Cup season is here!

Yes, I started with the most basic topic I could but I just love this time of year. October - January is my jam. I've tried to go by Starbucks all week, but I seem to always run late in the morning so it didn't happen until lunch yesterday because I was dragging so badly!

two // Doggie day care is a lifesaver.

I never thought I would be a person who sends their dog to daycare. But, I am and it's amazing. Any time Ellie goes, she's passed out for the rest of the night. Which means Christian and I can be productive: cook dinner, do laundry, mop floors... or just binge watch LOST <-- actually what usually happens.
She gets a day full of playing and doesn't have to be in her crate all day and I'm able to use my lunch break for something other than running home to let Ellie out!

three // I've already knocked TWO presents off the Christmas list.

And I've got two more planned that I'll hopefully knock out this weekend. I've always wanted to plan ahead and shop early and it's never happened, but this year it has!

Christian and I are sticking to a strict budget right now trying to pay down some of our debts and also saving for a trip to Europe next year so we're getting creative with Christmas this year!

four // The weather in Charlotte is ridiculous right now.

I realize that for people who don't live in Charlotte, this is not relatable at all. But, it's just been awful. It's been nasty and overcast all week and we even dealt with flooding on Monday! Plus, the temperature is all over the place - low 60's early in the week, high 70s yesterday and back in to the mid 50s on Sunday! Layers are absolutely my best friend right now.

five // Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating apparently.

I hate this. That is all.

They were so much cuter....

Anyways, happy Friday, friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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R's Rue said...

Have a good weekend.

Amanda said...

Omg this weather is the worst! I was at the Panthers game Monday night and it was AWFUL. So over it.

The A Team said...

Chilly (ish) in the Interior of BC, Canada. I love that Red Cups are here!! It isn't on my list, but I think I will go back and do a bonus number!! What's your fave drink (Christmas or otherwise)? I love the Eggnog Latte, and PSL, and of course the Salted Caramel Mocha. During the year, I love any of the mochas...and course, their fraps are awesome! Yay for starting on your list! Linking up!!