Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear Leslie

Dear Leslie The College Graduate -

You are about to embark on the biggest year of your life. Are you ready? Take a nap, enjoy May and get ready to be go full speed ahead.

Let me go ahead and give you a little sneak peak at the next year of your life..

You're about to move into your very first apartment of your own in a city you've never lived in before and start your very first "grown up" job in the real world.

Zuko loved our first place together. 
After a few months of paying an arm and a leg for a teeny apartment, you're going to move in with your precious boyfriend who you adore. You guys are going to get an awesome apartment that's going to make your commute to work even easier. And about a month later, that hottie is going to propose to you! 

Celebratory drinks and dinner the night of our engagement!
No, I'm serious. Your boyfriend who was scared to even call you in girlfriend for almost a year for fear of being too attached and not wanting to do long distance is going to propose, you're obviously going to say yes, and you two are living happily ever after. Soak it all in!

Then, right about the time you're over your job, exhausted and unhappy, and job hunting all over the city, you're going to get a promotion that makes you love your job again and makes you feel fulfilled. You're going to double your work load and lose your normal blogging time, but it's all going to be worth it. 

And then in the middle of all that wedding planning, proving yourself at work and trying to get the next promotion at work, you and that hottie fiancé are going to buy a house

Yep, you heard that right. Almost a year after graduating high school, less than a year at your first job and halfway through your engagement, you're going to purchase an empty lot and decide to build a house. All within 4 days. 

But really, guys! Sunday on a spur of the moment idea, we started driving through neighborhoods in Charlotte to enjoy the nice weather. We've been mulling over the idea of a house but we hadn't gone to the bank to see what we could afford or toured any other homes so this was all for entertainment. 

Next thing I know, we're touring empty lots, looking at floor plans and comparing prices in a few different neighborhoods around us. Tuesday morning, we're meeting with a realtor, picked a lot, picked a floor plan and put down a deposit on the prettiest little lot I ever did see. 

Thursday morning, we head to the bank to get the a-okay that we're good to go and we can get all the pretty things we want in our house and still afford it all! 

Obviously, it's grass right now and there is a long process to build a house, but we should be in by Thanksgiving! So wedding mid-October and house mid-November. On top of our crazy work schedules and hopefully at least one more promotion in our future before then... 

Let's do this!

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Unknown said...
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Amanda said...

Congratulations! Yayy, that's so exciting! :)

Becky said...

Don't sure how it's been a year already since we graduated?! Such a good one for you!! Congrats on the house!!! :)

ChristmasOwl07 said...

CONGRATS! It's always nice to have things like this happen. Best wishes as you begin a new chapter in your life.