Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Workin' for the Weekend!

It's Tuesday and I'm recapping my weekend. We should all be used to this at this point...

I tried to write this post yesterday but ended up having to work from home in the morning so I never got around to this little space. So you're getting a weekend recap because I really loved my weekend!

And just to let you all know, I spend a lot of my mornings just like this so I can get these posts typed up and try to have a little bit of me time before I head into work for 9 hours of non stop running around!

On Friday I slept in a little while Christian had a couple conference calls in the morning. Unfortunately he then got called into the hospital down the road so I used that time to get dressed and look pretty.  Once he got back we ran to his parent's house because I had my belt and veil delivered there (our mail person is the worst). It actually started making the wedding feel real!

Zuko also posted up on my work bag and informed me I wasn't allowed to go to work on Friday.

We then went to dinner and grabbed a couple Redbox movies and ice cream to spend the night cuddled up on the couch!

Saturday Christian wanted to sleep in and somehow I ended up sleeping later than he did... Once I got my lazy butt out of the bed, I made Christian take me to lunch and we ended up at Cracker Barrel and I had some delicious dumplings (they happen to be my favorite food) before headed to his parents house to steal the pup.

We arrived at Christian's house to find his sister, Anna also stopping by to pick up the pup. So we all took Emmy to the dog park together! The poor girl is so scared of other dogs that she runs away as soon as they try to greet her and hides behind our legs! It's actually kind of adorable and quite pitiful!

After our dog park adventure, we headed to the grocery store because we haven't been in weeks. It was awful and we were basically starving ourselves. I made sure to get things that Christian could feed himself with since I work 3 to midnight all this week and won't be home for dinner.

We took a mid day errand break to watch the movie I had picked from Redbox - Catching Fire! I really love those movies/books and I'm glad he does, too, so I'm allowed to watched them as much as I want! He's even looking forward to the next movie coming out and keeps asking me what happens next!

After the movie, we had to return the DVDs and we decided to go by Jared's and look at wedding bands. And actually ended up ordering them!! Mine had to be special ordered because my hands are so teeny tiny, but Christian actually fit in the store display so he got to take his home! Of course, I made hime wear it for a few minutes because I love the way he looked with it on and made me even more excited for October!

After Jared's I wanted to go to H&M but I didn't want to drag Christian along because he hates shopping with me. But, he was such a trooper and followed me around the store and even helped me pick out some really cute things, surprisingly!

Sunday, I had to work, but it was my first official day on my own in my new position and it went perfectly! Everyone did an awesome job and I got to send some really great emails to my bosses bragging on everyone and they all said the Sunday crew did a great job so it was a wonderful feeling!

The only downside to Sunday was walking into work and realizing a diamond from my ring was missing!! Luckily, it's under warranty and they'll replace it but I'm sad knowing they'll have to keep it for a few days and not have my ring :(

I sent this picture to Christian with a million sad emojis...
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Teh Megan said...

After reading your post, it made me think of something someone had shared on FB this morning:


It's like Woot knew.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

So exciting that you ordered your rings!! I can't wait to do that!!