Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When did this happen?!

When did I become a grown up? Seriously. Christian and I were riding in the car  to his parent's house over the weekend and I asked him if he thought it was weird that he didn't live there anymore and he actually said no. Then, we were talking about when we really "grew up" and "became adults" and I realized that I don't even know if there's a certain thing that makes you "grown". Like at what point did I grow up...

When I got my first job and started buying everything I wanted?

When I turned 18 and graduated from high school?

When I moved 5 hours from home with no financial support to go to college?

When I adopted my first pet on my own?

Zuko's first day at home :) 
When I got my first out of college job and my first apartment on my own?

When I moved to a city I'd never lived in to start life after college?

When I paid my first student loan payment?

When I got my own car insurance policy without my parents?

When I moved in with a boy?

When I bought my first set of couches for a new apartment with that boy?

When I got engaged to that handsome man?

When I bought a wedding dress?

When I had friends over for a "dinner party" at my very first dining room table?

When I got my first promotion?

What milestone constitutes being an adult? I'm convinced none of them. I don't think there's a day where you just wake up and you're grown.

I feel like I've been adult since I got my first job. I slowly started supporting myself and by the time I moved to Boone, I was 100% on my own when it came to finding a place to live, keeping all my grades up so I could graduate on time, and having a job to support myself (and little Zukes). After graduation, I had no desire to go back to Athens, GA and it was never on my radar. I didn't look for a single job or apartment there. I knew I would be staying in NC and I knew I would be in Charlotte. I've been so set on starting new and being fully independent since the day I turned 18.

But as I'm planning a wedding and a future with the man of my dreams, I realize I still feel like I'm 16 some days. I still have to call my parents and ask for advice. I still call them anytime something exciting happens. I still miss them and want to go visit them every weekend if I could. I realize that some things may always stress me out - insurance, taxes and buying a house being the big ones on my brain right now!

So I guess my question to all of you is - do you feel like an old grown up and a 16 year old kid at the exact same time?! Or am I all alone in this?? Because some days I miss being a kid and blowing all my money on pretty clothes and hanging out all night every night with my best friends and other days I'm ready to be in our own house and raising our own kids and being settled in our careers.

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Amanda said...

Yes yes yes yes! That is exactly how I feel. Some days I feel like I'm definitely an adult, I mean I have a full time job and bills and a boyfriend, but then other days I'm like "why the hell do I have all these responsibilities, can I just move back in with my mom??!!"

Andiepants said...

Well reading this certainly makes me realize that it makes you more "grown up" than I! I mean after college, I moved right back home. That's when I realized I needed to get out of that situation and moved in with my boyfriend a few years later.

But kudos to you lady! You are making some moves! And well, I am in my mid 30s...and well I will never grow up. No matter what!
PS-Don't tell that to my work peeps, they think I'm super mature and grown up! Ha!