Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We're the three best friends.

Oh look. A weekend recap on Tuesday, again. It's becoming a pattern. But this weekend was definitely one for the books so I have to share! And trust me, there are some great pictures included.

Friday night my best friend from high school and college (who also introduced me to Christian) came to Charlotte for St. Patty's Day and the insane bar  crawl that takes place in Charlotte. Christian and his best friend went last year while I was in Wilmington, so I have been excited to go ever since I heard about it.

I spent the day Friday finally getting a little time to sleep in and watching Scandal, of course. Then I headed into work for a few hours and run a few errands around town. Poor Kristin and her boyfriend, Joe got hung up in GA so we had dinner with Sam and Jeremy. And by that I mean they came over to our apartment and cooked us dinner. It was delightful! :)

And Sam hadn't watched Scandal, so I made her watch it again. I'm not obsessed, you're obsessed.

Saturday morning started the best day ever. We headed to brunch to make sure our bellies were prepared for the drinking that was about to take place. I had some intense biscuits and gravy with eggs and home fries. Perfect for soaking up the alcohol.

We headed over to a friend's apartment to do some pre-gaming and hang out around the pool for a bit. Everyone was grilling out so once everyone was done eating and drinking what they brought we walked up the road to take take the lightrail uptown (there was no driving, of course!).

Once we arrived uptown is we literally just walked up to the first bar with people wearing the green shirts for the bar crawl and grabbed the first beer we found. And off we went.

I'm just going to photo dump on you for a minute because there are some gems in here.

And I have to share these gems... the top one happened multiple times before we could get the bottom one... 

For dinner, we decided to run into Hooters for a bite to eat. We chose Hooters because it was right next door to the next bar we wanted to go to - and because we're super classy.

It was the worst experience I think I've ever had a restaurant. I understand that we were at a Hooters so I wasn't expecting a high class menu but I was expecting some decent service since we had a lot of people with us, quite a few drinking and quite a few ordering multiple things off the menu - hello, big money, big tips.

Before we were even allowed in, we were yelled at to stand in a single file line outside the restaurant before anyone was allowed in... I'm sorry, but what?! They had multiple SECURITY GUARDS yelling at about a single file line for 10 minutes... Our friend went around to any restaurants close by but the wait was too long for 12 people that this was our best bet. We could see plenty of booths open inside and the entire patio was empty.

We were SO nice to the waitress and promised we were very easy going and wouldn't be obnoxious drunks like I'm sure most of her customers were. I even told her if any of the guys got too drunk obnoxious to tell me, and I'd keep them in line.

Although there were a few spit balls 
Quite awhile after ordering, we haven't received any food and we're all trying really hard to be patient because we know we have a large group. Finally, everyone starts getting their food except Christian, me and our friend sitting right beside us. We're not worried until it's been a solid 10 minutes, and our waitress hasn't come back and we've gotten nothing.

She finally comes out and tells us the kitchen forgot our food, she's sorry and it'll be right out. TWENTY minutes later, still nothing. Everyone else is almost done eating and I'm starving. Christian and I literally ordered two appetizers - tater tots and mini sliders. She brings out a burger with fries saying it was a mistake burger and we can have it for free. Great, except there are three of us and one burger.

Another 10 minutes and our friend gets his food. Not us, though. And right about the time he's done eating his wings AND sandwich, we get our food. The waitress is extremely apologetic but at that point I'm so angry and all our friends are antsy and ready to leave so I feel bad wanting to take my time eating.

Everyone was sure we wouldn't actually have to pay for our food and the bill arrives with both of our meals and beer..... It had been 2 and a half hours and we were so done that I just paid for it and we headed home.

Other than the dinner snafu, I had such a wonderful day with my 2 best friends and I'm so ready to be reunited again as soon as we possibly can!

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Courtney B said...

Hi. I'm TOTALLY obsessed with Scandal. *sigh*
Sounds like a great weekend EXCEPT for your hooters experience. I'm sorry!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Hahahaha that picture of them kissing? I'm dying!! I'm afraid to admit to you I've never seen Scandal!!!! AH...must get on it!! ;) looks like a pretty fun weekend!!!

Marley Marie said...

Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! I had to roll with a sober St. Patrick's Day this year due to my preggoness but best believe next year I shall be back with a vengeance!