Friday, March 21, 2014

The Best Friday

Y'all. It. Is. Friday. Hallelujah. I've had a long and stressful week so I'm pumped for today! I've got a lot to do this weekend so I'm jumping right into this 5 on Friday!

one // Mom is here! My mom got here right after I got home from work last night and we sat around talking and then of course we had to watch Scandal before we hit the sack. And OH. MY. GOD. it was insane. I won't mention anything here because I'm sure many of you haven't seen it yet. And I don't know why I have to say this again - but you're not watching it, last night was why you should be so get to it!

two // So much wedding stuff! We'll be touring the venue today with our moms (and it's the first time they've met). I am so excited to see it again. Even though it's winter-y outside and it won't look like it will on our day, I'm pumped to show it off. And I can't believe we get married in 212 days!

Tomorrow we'll be doing some shopping for my wedding shoes so I can get my dress hemmed, order Save the Dates and making other important decisions before meeting up with two of my bridesmaids to hopefully pick out their dresses!

three // Date night. Christian and I haven't had a night alone with nothing interrupting us in over a month. So after my mom leaves Saturday night we're doing dinner and maybe a movie - just us. I am so excited about this because life is about to get reallyyyy crazy and our alone time is going to become even less frequent, I have a feeling.

four // This. 

five // Oh. And I got a promotion yesterday. 

If anyone saw this caption on my Instagram earlier in the day, you may have been wondering what I was talking about.

I didn't breathe a word anywhere on social media because I was so nervous I wouldn't get the position. I found out about it about two weeks ago, applied for it last Friday, interviewed for it Wednesday afternoon and found out about 8:30p last night that I got it!!

The position is basically a step into management. I'll still be on the phones about 12-15 hours a week, but the rest of the time I'll be managing other agents. I'll most likely be going back to night time hours for awhile since I'm a new one and veterans get to move up to earlier hours (just like when I'm on the phones). And I'll only have 2 days off a week whereas I work 4 days now and I'm off 3 because I work 11 hours a day. They also won't be together and I'll still be working weekends. BUT I have more responsibility, I feel useful and I'm getting to help others get to where I've gotten.

As much as I've complained in the past about my job, a lot of it had to do with the fact that I wasn't that great at it. I finally just put everything I had into it and decided to make the best of it. In the last 3 months, I've gone from one of the worst performers to one of the very best agents on the floor. I want other people to do that and I don't want anyone else to hate going to work like I did. I'm so happy that all my hard work is finally paying off and I am SO excited for this new chance to grow and prove myself!

And I know that sounded a little braggy, but I'm just so freakin' excited!!!!!

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Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Hello from the link up! Sounds like you have an exciting day ahead of you!! Enjoy your venue tours & happy wedding planning! Congrats!! Have a fabulous weekend! :)

Becky said...

Eek what an exciting weekend!!! Enjoy doing all the wedding related things!! :) Congrats on the promotion too - you should totally celebrate!!! :)

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Congrats on the promotion!! That is super exciting! Have a great weekend touring the venue and with your mom!

Katie said...

Congratulations! And I haven't seen scandal dying to know who got shot!!!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Engaged, promoted, ahhhh you're so blessed!!! :)

Marley Marie said...

Ha! I can definitely see you excitement...Congratulations and good luck!!

Duh! Danae said...

So great that your mom is in town and so exciting to tour the venue! Congrats on the promotion!!

Susannah said...

Congratulations on the promotion!!!! :-) I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :-)