Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Love.

YOU GUYS. I had a snow day yesterday. And I'm hoping for another one today. As I'm writing this we just received an e-mail saying we'll open at 2p and we're all betting that they won't actually open. Charlotte just isn't prepared and I think it's safer to keep all the Southerners off the roads and safe at home until the ice has melted enough.

My friend works at Target in Athens and this was from Tuesday night.
Tuesday was my day off so I prepped the apartment just in case I was stuck in here and got myself some Panera bagels, Hot Pockets, Cheez Its and Ben and Jerrys. The essentials, you know.

Sadly, I wasn't able to spend my snow day like I'm used to in Boone with Christian, drinking beers and doing slightly unsafe things in the snow (such as sledding while inebriated). He's in San Diego all week and I am SO ready for him to be home.

Zuko and I did have a pretty nice snow day on our own though. And I'm going to walk you through the whole day because I know that's what you wanted to read about today - especially if you didn't have a snow day yesterday ;)

I knew we were going to hear about whether we had to be in around 6 am and apparently my body was prepared and woke me up right at 6:15am just in time to see the text from work saying we would be closed and I turned my alarm off and went right back to sleep!

Once I decided I was actually going to wake up, I toasted myself an asiago bagel. And boy am I glad I went ahead and ordered 4 instead of just one because I definitely finished off two of those babies yesterday.

I then spent a few lovely hours laying in bed, reading on my tablet and watching HGTV. And after Zuko spent a few crazy minutes sprinting around the apartment, jumping into windows and meowing, I caved and opened the bedroom curtains and blinds so we could both watch the snow all day.

We had a few bagels, some Cheez Its, some Half Baked Ben and Jerry's and a Hot Pocket before I decided to actually get up and shower. So, yes at 5 pm on a Wednesday, I essentially got out of bed for the first time and showered. Let's all be so proud.

After that lovely shower, we actually migrated to the living room where I may or may not have watched some more HGTV before turning to my good friend Netflix for chick flicks that Christian won't watch with me.

My choice: What to Expect When You're Expecting. Yes, it was funny. Yes, Christian would have hated it. But good grief, I wasn't expecting to cry THREE times. Yes, THREE. It hit me straight in the ovaries. Multiple times. It was a little ridiculous.

This was mid day and it kept up through most of the day and night.
After a phone chat with my man, I headed back to bed with The Big Bang Theory and my book and proceeded to stay up much later than I should because my pure laziness made my not want to sleep at all. So that's great for work.

Here's to another snow day tomorrow!

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Becky said...

Sounds like a great snow day! Awesome food choices I might add! I plan on being as lazy as possible in between working :)

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm so jealous of your snow day(s)!!! We've had so much snow here in Cincinnati and I've gotten not ONE snow day off! I'm a little bitter. Hot pockets, cheez its and Ben & Jerry's sounds like my kind of night!! Count me in next time! ;) stay safe in that snow!

Katie said...

I love that movie!!! We have a snow day today and I'm so excited

Amanda said...

That movie was ridiculous. So good, but I cried way too much! Your snow day sounds perfect- I need a day like that! :)