Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Perfect Valentine's Day

I've never really been a fan of Valentine's Day. Not for any particular reason, either, really. I've just never really cared. But, Christian and I have always made a point to spend it together since we've been together.

In 2011, we had been dating about 4 months and I did not want to put any pressure on him, so I didn't really mentioned it. He showed up at my apartment that night with a case of beer, two bottles of wine and two sub sandwiches. Then, he let me pick the cheesy chick flick we got to watch that night.

The next two years followed pretty much the same path: take out, some drinks and a movie of my choice. But, we added in an extra step the last few years: a couples massage.

Literally, one of the best decisions we've ever made. A spa in Boone always offered an amazing deal in February and we made sure to use it! I had only had one massage before and Christian had never had one so it was wonderful to treat ourselves like that!

This year, Christian is out of town all week so we are planning to celebrate Saturday instead since he won't be home until late Friday. And I expect the plan will follow right along with the last 3 years... especially the couples massage part because I seriouslyyy need some relaxation!

The point of this really pointless post is that you don't need some big fancy shmancy dinner, presents, etc to have a phenomenal Valentine's. I have absolutely loved every single one and have no plans to ask him if we can do anything else. Yes, I'm sure it's nice to get all dressed up and do something special, but we are not fans of crowds and all the hooplah that goes with it.

So why put ourselves through the whole charade if we both know that neither one is really loving it. I would rather pamper ourselves with a massage (obviously no one else will be there) and take out and get to spend some serious quality time together.

My advice to everyone this weekend is to do exactly what you want to do with exactly who you want to do it with. If you want to have a girls night in with chick flicks and cookie dough - do it. If you want to have a fancy dinner with your significant other - go for it. Valentine's Day should be a day to do something that you love and with someone you love cheese ball alert.

And since this post is lacking in pictures and you probably don't want to see a picture of Christian and I sitting on the couch in our sweatpants and I'm going to embarrass myself and some great friends by sharing some pictures from a Girls Night In/Out in 2008. Enjoy...

I haven't even hit publish and I'm already embarrassed. But, hey, they're on Facebook so the whole world can already see them!

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