Friday, February 21, 2014

5 for Friday!

Can we call this week a wash in bloglandia for me? Because that was just pathetic. ONE post?! Rough. This was my first week working 9:30a - 8:30p and it kicked my butt! Last week I was supposed to start it, but we got those awesome snow days so I predict it'll be another week or too before I'm fully adjusted. Please bear with me!

BUT I do have some fun stuff to share this Friday!

one // Zuko did some cute things this week. The best was Tuesday when we had some kitty visitors visit on the back porch. I went outside because of course I wanted to pet them. Zuko did not think that was acceptable so he stood on the windowsill meowing at me like I was killing him. He then stared them down while they ate some food I put out for them and considering trying to pounce through the windows.

And as I'm typing this he's chasing his tail, slamming into the hall closet door and running into the door stopper and scaring himself. It's cute, I swear.

He also likes to take over Christian's spot the second he leaves for work around 6:40am and this is what greets me when I wake up.

And finally, these two. 

two // I got to go Uptown last night!  MY sweet, sweet friend's dad was diagnosed with ALS about 3 years ago and her family has thrown themselves head first into the ALS association with raising money for research and we've all been doing the ALS walk in Charlotte every year.

I adore this family. 
Last night was the ALS Walk Kick Off at Heist Brewery in NoDa. Sam even spoke and it was absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time to hear her speech.

iPhone picture.. but you get it. It's gorgeous. 
three // This. Weather. Last week, we're snowed in and I can't leave my apartment for 3 days, and this week we're in the high 70s!  I adore snow and winter, but I also like temperatures in the 60-70s so I can wear dresses and short sleeves! And I was also able to sit outside on my lunch break this week!

four // I have a three day weekend! For Christmas, my parents gave us tickets to the Supercross in Atlanta and it's finally here! We're driving down tomorrow morning and the Supercross is Saturday night! I'm looking forward to yummy meals and great family time!

five // I also get to see one of my best friends!! We were friends in high school and she graduated a year before me and headed up to Boone. She's the one who actually introduced Christian and I in Boone! I haven't seen her since I bought my wedding dress in November so I'm more than ready for a few hours over frozen yogurt with her tomorrow!

My 21st birthday! 
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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Aww Zuko makes me want a kitty!! Unfortunately our dogs would go NUTS!