Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday!

I'm a little behind on the blogging train today, but hey, I'm here! That's what counts right?! I had a pretty rough work week (per usual) and I slept terribly last night so here I am, still in PJs wrapped up in a blanket and finally showing my face around here.

one // Let's talk about my last call of the night. This isn't a positive thing.. it's more of a WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU moment. (And it got a little longer than planned - I'm sorry but he made me want to punch myself!!) Last call of the night (at 11:42 pm) guy calls up interested in our service. He's also on the East Coast so it's midnight for him as well. As I go about my normal routine on a call he tells me to "hurry it up because it's late". Already annoyed from the day, I inform him I'm fully aware of what time it is because I'm also on the East Coast and it's late for me, too.

After being a jerk throughout the entire call and being extremely rude to the person HE CALLED (sir, you called me, I did not call you, be a good person), I was over it. I'm usually very pleasant and helpful on my phone calls because that's what works. But I was done and I stopped being my normal overly nice self. He asked me what was included in the package/how much it would cost and as I'm running through everything, he cuts me off, yells at me to "stop reading to him" and to answer his question - which is exactly what I was doing when he cut me off.

After informing him, I definitely wasn't reading and to be perfectly honest I was staring at the ceiling, spinning in my chair (hoping this would make him lighten up or at least prove he was an asshat), he proceeded to pelt me with more questions and the following took place:

"$105 for all three services?!? What if I take off the phone?"
"That saves you $5."
"So what would it come to?"
"It only saves me $5?!?"
"Yes, sir. As I just said, you save more with the phone because of the other perks you get."
"Well what about just internet??"
"That's $50."
"How did it go so low for all the services??"
"Sir, you asked me what internet by itself costs."
"Yes, so what does it cost?"
"Yes, you said that but what is internet with TV?"
"SIR, that's the $100 we were talking about before."
"But how?"

Needless to say we talked in circles for a few minutes before he decided it was "too much money" and I said "great, have a great night" and tried not to cuss him out.

two // Our table looks awesome! If not a little weird. After not having a table since August, we got used to the empty breakfast room and Zuko had been using it as his "play room" with all his toys. He's a little overwhelmed by the table but I'm sure he'll get over it.

three // Um. I peeled off my gel manicure. HOW does this happen?! As I mentioned last Friday, I'm trying not to bite my nails. I had been gnawing at them a little bit with all the stress from yesterday and ended up pulling the entire manicure off. I don't really know how that happened... And I did end up biting two off them. So now we're back to square one. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so let's see if I can do it!

Gone. It's all gone. And I had to paint them myself this morning so they look awful!
four // We can't stop watching HGTV. I don't know how this started last weekend, but it did. And now I'm itching for a house and have a million ideas of what I want. Sadly, we're a couple years away from a house but it's next on the list after the wedding!

five // You guys. I just love you guys. I'm always telling people about things you tell me or I read on your blogs and referring to you as my "friends" which I think is a legitimate way to describe you guys - as long as someone doesn't ask me where we met! ;)

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CWY said...

Oh wow, what an awful conversation! I hate it when people just don't listen! Happy Friday!

Becky said...

Omg I wish you could have done all those gifts TO him! Ugh!!!!

In happier news, your table looks awesome! And once we met in DC, we can just say that :)

Carly said...

omg the hgtv is me too-- if I turn it on, I'm done for and get sucked in...until I start seeing recent repeats haha!

I've finally stopped biting my nails after having awful nails my entire life but now I do pick off my nail polish from time to time!

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Yall's table DOES look awesome! And, girl, so does your raaaaang! ;) Owwoww!!! xx