Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh, 2013.

I cannot believe 2013 is wrapping up. I can never actually believe the year is ending. It seems to always go by so quickly! So many wonderful things happened this year, I can see why it went by so quickly!

Obviously, certain things stand out more than others...

In January (well.. technically December but we're going with January), I started this blog!

February brought the beginning of the after graduation job hunt, and accepted my first job. I also renamed this blog and it officially became With a Side of Chocolate that you guys know!

In March, I continued job hunting and ended up quitting my job at Cracker Barrel that I'd had for about a year because I was ridiculously overworked and wanted to enjoy my last month of college! There was also an epic Bachelorette weekend for St. Patty's Day.

Then, in April, we had one of my best friend's wedding! At this point, I was also spending most of my weekends in Charlotte with Christian and my friends and preparing for the move here!

May was such a bittersweet month. In the midst of finals (as usual), I turned 22 and we had a great weekend in Charlotte and I got to see Tim McGraw in concert! The next weekend, I graduated from college and almost had a few breakdowns over that... I still don't even know if I'm okay with it because I miss Boone daily.

In June, I moved to Charlotte and started my first "grown up" job and lived in an apartment right beside where my mom grew up.
I spent the summer trying to decide if I liked my new job, going to Carowinds with Christian and trying to get my bearings in this new city.

We officially started living together at the very beginning of September and it's been an absolute blast!

October was arguably the best month of my entire life. Not only did we celebrate 3 years of dating, but that cutie went and asked me to be his wife!!! And we set a date!

Following our news, I spent a little bit of November defending our decision to get married "so young". And we also had an absolutely awesome weekend in Athens for the App vs. UGA game!

This year was SUCH a blast and I seriously cannot wait to see what else 2014 holds for us (besides a ton of wedding planning...)!

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Becky said...

What a year!! I miss my college daily too - it's hard that my roommates are there without me! October was definitely the best month :)

Stephanie said...

I just adore your ring, it's so pretty :)