Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Hangover.

I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and gone. How? Where did it go? HOW is it almost January?! I'm shocked.

This Christmas was wonderful getting to spend it with both of our families as well as just each other. Everyone really considered this our "first Christmas" that you usually get once you're married so we got some wonderful joint presents that we are excited about!

I do want to rewind slightly to Friday night since I felt like it was acceptable not to show up here Friday OR Monday...

Friday night we had Christmas with our great friends Sam and Jeremy. First, we had decided to exchange ornaments this year since our little trees are so bare still! They got us an adorable "D" ornament and then a little dice ornament - too cute! Then we had dinner followed by some of the best Oreo cheesecake I've ever had! I should have just eaten that for dinner like I originally planned. It was heavenly. Then, we headed out to the Speedway for the lights!

It was so redneck.. or Southern... whatever you choose to call it! But, it was quite fun looking at the lights and getting to drive out on the track!

Saturday, Christian and I spent the morning shopping at the outlets and getting some stuff for ourselves as well as others! Sunday, of course, I worked all day but I did end up getting a two hour lunch break instead of an hour and I went to Christian's parents house for a steak and potato! 

Monday, I was running around Charlotte like a crazy person trying to finish up the last bit of my Christmas shopping and oh my word it was so crazy out there! My parents also got to Charlotte Monday evening and we went over to my aunt's house to visit. I also asked my little cousin, Miley, and her brother's to be in the wedding! 

We got home pretty late and went straight to bed. Originally, I was scheduled to work 9a to 8p on Christmas Eve but luckily, I was able to switch the day out for Friday and had 3 days off for Christmas! So after sleeping in a bit, I made some slutty brownies and headed over to my grandparents house to see the whole family! 

After a day just hanging out by the fire, helping where we were needed and helping mom make sausage balls, my uncle and his fiancĂ© made us a fabulous dinner! Once we were done eating, it was present time - my favorite time, of course! 

We always go youngest to oldest and with my grandparents, 4 kids, their significant others and the kids (my brother and I) and now their kids' significant other's (Christian), it gets to be quite a long process, but boy is it fun! Sadly, I got a solid zero pictures of present time. But, I got one of my uncle's basset hound sleeping at my feet. 

We finally finished up presents around 12:30 and Christian and I didn't get home until about 1am. We were exhausted. But, that didn't stop me from putting my new heated blanket on my bed that my brother gave me. Honestly, that may be my favorite present ever.. Christian likes to keep it at about 60 degrees and I would prefer about 72 degrees so obviously, we needed a way to compromise and the heated blanket is it! 

Zuko absolutely loves the heated blanket
We were up early Christmas morning and heading over to Christian's parents for Christmas morning. They were so sweet and put a stocking together and quite a few presents for me! I was completely surprised! We also got quite a few joint gifts that I love - a new soft throw for the couch, wine and beer glasses, a wine rack, a "D" ornament for our tree and my favorite is a beautiful hand drawn picture of Appalachian to hang on our wall! 
Of course Emmy needed some decorations as well. 
After dinner with is family, we headed back to our apartment, unloaded gifts and curled up on the couch in the Christmas tree/candlelight and watched Elf before bed. It was the most perfect way to end Christmas I could imagine. 

My parents also stopped by on their way out of town to say good-bye and I made mom take a picture in front of our first little tree :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, as well!

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Becky said...

That sounds like a lot of great Christmas celebrations!!! Glad you could spend it together and with both of your families! :)