Monday, October 28, 2013

I wish...

...I had done something this weekend worthy of writing about today...but I didn't. Sweats, Say Yes to the Dress, dinner and a Redbox.. with 15 hours of work added in.

That's not over the top or anything.
...I could tell you our wedding date and all about the venue today... BUT I WILL ON WEDNESDAY.

...I had more self control when it comes to Victoria's Secret sales... but Christian usually has to physically restrain me when I get an e-mail about a sale. I'm surprised he hasn't cut up that credit card.

...My face would stop breaking out... but I think I officially have "adult acne". Help me, please! 

...Catching Fire was out already... but we still have to wait a month! I'm too excited!

...We had more time for a pup... but after having Emmy all week I'm exhausted and we're just too busy and this apartment is lacking a yard.

...I could have slept in this weekend... but I only slightly got to sleep Friday morning and this morning I'm off to the venue! Which I don't mind missing a little sleep more. 

...I wasn't so behind on my Bloglovin' feed... but it's over 400 and I'm overwhelmed! I want to catch up on everyone's posts and whats going on with them but it just might not happen!

...I had something better for your guys today...but I asked Christian for a topic and he was no help at all. Typical boy. 

...I could keep the apartment in pristine condition all the time... but it's not possible. I also promise some pictures very, very soon (and I mean it this time)!

...I could get massages every week...but apparently you need money for those. Who knew?!

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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I'm super excited for Catching Fire too! And Divergent, but that's not coming out til March!

Alexa said...

So excited about Catching Fire! Except that I started the book last year and got about 50 pages in before I set it down and left it there... so I'll be taking it on vacation this week and hoping to wrap it up!

Also, adult acne is the freaking worst. I started dealing with it like crazy this summer and the best solution I've found for my skin is the Oil Cleansing Method. It's definitely not for everyone, but worth looking into! Email me if you have questions :)

Sara Elizabeth said...


Becky said...

Ahhh can't until your wednesday post!! :) If I was rich I would definitely get massages every day!