Monday, September 9, 2013


Last week I was feeling very overwhelmed with work and life so I made the executive decision that I would be taking a sick day on Sunday since I'm already off Friday, Saturday and Sunday and giving myself a 4 day weekend. My body is so thankful today even though the weekend was busy, crazy and fun, my body really needed a break from the grind. So I took it and this is how it all went down..


Friday was so busy that I didn't even feel like it was a weekend day. I had something big to do Friday at 1p (mentioned in Thursday's post) and I spent the morning preparing for it. I also came home between errands to find our couch arriving early! We ordered a brown love seat and red sofa. Both showed up and both were red. So, we have to switch out the love seat but we can keep this one until it gets here!

After that, I made a late lunch for Christian and I and threw dinner in the crock pot. After lunch,  we headed to Ikea to get some shelving for the apartment. Sadly, we made the mistake of going way too close to rush hour and spent a little more time than we wanted on the way to and from Ikea. 

Once we finally got home and ate dinner, Christian went to work on installing the shelve while I worked on other aspects of the apartment and we finally passed out early because he had to work at 6:30a on Saturday.


Saturday was by far my favorite day of the weekend. I spent literally all day in PJ's, reading blogs, Pinterest-ing, watching trashy TV shows and cuddling with Zuko. Once Christian finally got home he napped with Zukes while I continued to watch trashy TV and eat a box of Cheez-Its ( I have no shame...). 

Saturday night we went to dinner with friends and out to Montford for drinks. We had an absolute blast watching parts of some football games and playing corn-hole. I adore these people and I love every second I get to spend with them!


Andddddd this is when I called out of work. I'm not remotely sorry about it either. Christian and I spent a lazy morning watching TV. His mom and sister stopped by to see the new apartment and I was so embarrassed because it's still such a wreck! But, of course they understand. 

After that, we headed back out to Ikea because we forgot ONE $5 bracket for our shelving that we had to go all the way back for. I was not a happy camper. But, we ended up finding curtains that we really needed for the living room so I guess it paid off!

Sunday night was spend hanging out in the hot tub with Christian, his friend and a couple beers. I also made some delightful brownies and headed off to bed. 


I had to take poor little Zuko to the vet for shots and other yearly tests. Man, did that guy hate it. He growled at me and refused to look at me the entire time we were there. What. A. Drama. King. 

Now, I'm waiting on my parents to get here and bring the rest of our furniture and the washer/dryer. I never thought I would be THIS excited about home appliances but I have really missed them the last few months. 
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Erin LFF said...

Your Saturday sounds perfect :) I've been wanting a 'me' day to just Pin stuff and watch Netflix all day haha- maybe I can fit one of those in sometime soon?!

New appliances are SO exciting- yay!