Thursday, August 1, 2013

I may have a crazy bone.

Ya'll. This week is a struggle. I don't know why. Nothing different has been going on, but I am just plain exhausted (as we can see from my lack of posting yesterday). I didn't think anything would be happening today, either, but I really wanted to link up with Stephanie and Chelsee since it's been a few weeks!

I'm going a slightly different route today, because I've got engagement fever. Seriously, it's awful. I try so so hard not to harass the poor boy, but I totally do it. Especially now that we're moving in together. People at work have been asking if I think it's soon and I very much would like for it to be. But, for now it's nowhere close to happening (to my knowledge) but this is not stopping me from planning my dream bachelorette party. Feel free to judge me ;)

Things my Bachelorette Party Must Have

one. My best friends. This is pretty self explanatory. But, this weekend would not be complete without my fabulous friends all together.

two. The beach. I would ideally be spending a solid two days soaking up the sun, drinking something super cold and alcoholic and reading trashy magazines.

He obviously wouldn't be invited ;)
three. Mexican food. And margs. I think this is pretty self-explanatory as well..

four. Alcohol. Every kind. Specifically my favorites: Jager and Budweiser. Again, judge away. 

five. Something awesome. Like a lingerie party. Pole dancing lessons. A bar fight. HeHe, just kidding. Been there, done that

But first, I guess I need one of these on my hand. Specifically this one: 



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Savannah said...

Those invites are SO cute! Also, I'm pretty sure all girls get in engagement fever- you are not alone!

Erin LFF said...

LOL! I hope your time comes soon!! I definitely had to try not to harass Jared when I was dying for that ring too! It'll happen when you least expect it ;)

Are you blog friends with Robin? She's in the same boat you are!!

Kelly said...

Friends and alcohol, yup!

Sparkles and Shoes

thefussybritches said...

Ah, engagement fever. I'm pretty familiar with this. I hope things work out for you soon. I'm going to link up my engagement fever/engagement story on Stephanie's blog for you. Well, if I figure out how to do it. I hope it's not against the rules to link up something I posted a while ago. Best of luck to you and DO plan your bachelorette party prematurely because that's the best part :)

Unknown said...

Ha I always wave my finger in front of my boyfriend's face and ask him where my ring is. It's cool- not crazy at all, right? But your party looks fun- Mexican food is always a must!

Chelsee W said...

Thanks for linking up! I love the pics!