Monday, June 24, 2013

Blah. It's Monday.

Lucky for me, I don't have to be at work until noon but that also means I'm working until 9pm. It's really not that bad but I'll be excited to have a little control over my schedule after the first 4-6 weeks!

This weekend was pretty lame because I am just SO tired. Even when I sleep a decent amount every night, I'm still tired! Anywayssss, on with the semi shenanigans!


First, I have to mention my $4 lunch from work. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my lunch pictures already, but I'm still in shock most days that I can get a huge, usually healthy meal for only $4!!

After work Friday, I stopped by my boyfriend's for dinner with him and his sister. That's the second night this week they have fed me and I love them so much for it! Every time I promise that I have plans to go home and cook and they still make me stay! Of course, I also stay to have play time with the cutest pup ever.

We planned on going to see a movie but it wasn't until 10:20 and this cool cat fell asleep on the couch so we grabbed Oz from a Redbox and went back to my place while he watched it and I pretended to through closed eyelids.


Obviously, I slept in. Then we decided we should go see that movie we planned on seeing before I became a grandma. And since it was a 12:50 it was cheaper! Although, the "cheaper" price is the first "expensive" price I remember of movies. I remember when they were $5.25! Now I'm supposed to pay $10.25?? But I do it because I love going to movies and I love getting popcorn and a Coke. We saw Star Trek and I CRIED. Seriously, I bawled during one scene. I was shocked that Star Trek needed tissues. Rude. 

After running a few errands, there was a late afternoon nap before we headed out with Christian's best friend, his girlfriend and another couple! We went to an area called South End in Charlotte and ate at an Irish bar and played Jenga at the table. It was drinking Jenga and every block had a thing to do like waterfall, thumb master, buy your neighbor a shot, etc. We planned to go somewhere else but the traffic was so bad and we wasted so much time driving around that Christian and I decided to just go home while they grabbed a beer at a restaurant.

Sidenote: Christian bough me a beautiful pearl ring for Christmas and while sitting at the table the pearl just fell off. I almost had a heart attack. Luckily, it fell right into my lap but now I've got to get it reattached. We had just had a conversation about how well the pearl was staying on THAT DAY and it goes and falls off. :( 


Again, there was more sleep. I didn't get dressed til almost 1pm. oops. After that, I drove over to Christian's and he washed/waxed my car while I wrote this post, scheduled some for this week and tried to catch up on my 617 unread Bloglovin' posts. HELP.

Sunday night I cleaned up the apartment and played with Zuko before going to bed early to start another week!

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Stephanie said...

That ring is pretty! I'm glad you didn't lost the pearl, that would have been awful.
It's crazy how expensive movies are now.

Chelsee W said...

I love the ring....gosh I am with you on the movie expenses. They have gotten plum cray cray, I mean it's just a movie!

Becky said...

My boyfriend's family feeds me to when I come over after work - they always insist :) Ahh so sorry about your ring :( I have 3 rings from Peter and I'd be so upset if I lost any of them!! I feel you on all the tiredness too!

Jessica M. said...

Your pup is so cute!! And your ring is beautiful! I hope you get it fixed ASAP!!!