Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's time to PARTY!

I'm back to link up again with Stephanie and Chelsee for The Party Don't Start til I Walk In link up!

Last time, I talked about my 21st birthday celebrations and yesterday I discussed other birthdays from the past few year. So, today I'm going to talk about this years birthday! I turn 22 on Saturday in case you didn't know. And I LOVE birthdays. And I'm a brat about them. I've already started the whole "But it's my birthdayyy weeekkkkk, I don't wannaaaa" complaints. And I do this every year. 

For this year, we have some really fun plans! But honestly, I'm so concerned about finals and graduation that I'm not even in birthday mode, yet. Let's hope it shows up!

Friday: TIM MCGRAW in Charlotte with my boyfriend and friends!!! My parents bought my ticket as a birthday present and my friends agreed to tag along! I love country music and my poor boyfriend has agreed to suffer through it just for me. How sweet.

Saturday: This is my actual birthday and I plan to sleep in forever. And wake up and sleep some more. And after that possibly take a nap. Then, Christian is taking me to see Iron Man 3. This has become a tradition after Avengers was released on my birthday last year and Avengers 2 is being released on my birthday next year. He's even letting me get popcorn. What. A. Treat.

I'm sure we'll do dinner and drinks Saturday night. 

Sunday: Sadly, I will most likely be celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year driving back to Boone and studying. I tried to get everything done but it's too much this year! But, I'll probably have some Mexican food and a marg beforehand ;)

Link up and tell us about your partying plans!


Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

Happy (early) Birthday, we're planning to be at Tim McGraw too!

Cortney said...

Happy birthday week!!! I wish I was going to Tim McGraw! Have fun

Stephanie said...

Aww have a wonderful birthday, the concert will be so fun!!!