Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's officially my birthday month!!!

May. I love May. For the last 16 years, May has been my favorite month ever (and probably the years before but I can't be completely sure how much I cared as a tot). Not only is it my birthday month, but summer starts in May. Pools open in May. Most of the time, it's the perfect temperature in May. Many of my friends also have birthdays in May. All in all, May just usually rocks. 

This May looks to be pretty awesome as well. I turn 22 this weekend. I graduate next weekend. I have 15 days of absolutely NOTHING to do but a lot of pool time, lake time and nap time. I move to a brand new city with some of my best friends and boyfriend. My year of a long distance relationship comes to an end. I start my first "real" job. 

I plan to explore all of these things throughout the month as they approach, but for today I just wanted to take a quick look back at my last few birthdays. 


There's an entire post dedicated to this epic weekend. Go check it out. Our poor livers.


 Dinner. Drinks. Stepbrothers. Pretty low-key again, but I was just excited to spend my first birthday with that guy! And he got me the sweetest present: gift card to my favorite nail salon! OH and yes, I'm wearing a jacket because it was COLD that night up here in the mountains. 


Ohhhh freshman year. My 19th was a few days long (as I try to make most birthdays) and it was spent drinking in dorm rooms with different groups of people. These are some of the "boys" we hung out with all year. LOVEt them.


I was on the plane on the way home from a week in LA for DECA! I only spent one day actually competing and the rest was fun. Seriously, the best way to spend the last real week of senior year!


I went to a simple dinner with my best friends and then I feel like we did movies/shopping or something like that. Pretty low key. I mean I was only 17!


This is technically from the first day of school in HS, but I got this beautiful cherry red Honda Civic for my 16th birthday. I seriously adored this car. 

Alright, well I'm headed back to studying for my test today and finishing a paper that's due tomorrow. 

Wish me luck and HAPPY MAY!! 

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