Thursday, May 30, 2013

Backyard fun!

Today, I'll be linking up with Stephanie, Chelsee and Kristin for The Party Don't Start til I Walk In and Thirsty Thursday!

So, as of last night I should have an apartment. As long as I'm approved by the apartment complex, I'm good to go and I'll be moving in next week! As I was walking through, of course I was planning how I want it to look and then I fell in love with the wonderful fenced in patio and decided I will be having some sort of cook out on it.

In my perfect, full of money world, this is how it would go.

First, this would need to fill up my patio ASAP. It's so pretty.


These would need to be the centerpieces. The candles would be those kind that keeps bugs away because that is by far (well, besides humidity) my least favorite part of summer. Maybe even some pretty gardenias in between the candles? I don't know, though, seems like too much work.


My friends and I are classsy. Therefore, we need this red solo cup drink-ware. Duh.


Burgers. So many burgers. With every topping imaginable  because we've been known to put everything on a burger. Once, my boyfriend made one with cheese, fried egg, mayo, ketchup, bacon, guacamole and Doritos. He took a nap after that one.


Out. Door. Bar. Cart.

Beer would be stored in some adorable buckets and labeled all cute like. There definitely wouldn't be any of the water nonsense going on. Here's the thing. My favorite beer is Budweiser. People think I'm crazy. Sorry. But my friends refuse to drink that for outdoor events. So I cave and we all drink Bud Select. Since I'll be inviting said friends I'm just going to have a bucket labeled "Leslie" for my Budweisers and maybe something along the lines of "losers" for their Bud Select/Bud Light/Corona Light. And they're welcome to supply that themselves. I'm a good host like that.

And finally, I would be wearing something easy and cool because I hate heat. It's May and I"m already dying from it. I don't know what I'll do when the humidity kicks in. Die, maybe. 


Now honestly, if I had tons of money, I would probably try to be fancier. But, this is more like my friends and I so we'll keep it low keep with the fancy solo cups.

Hopelessly Ever After


Becky said...

Yayyy! Congrats on the apartment! I hope it all ends well! Can't wait to see pictures of it decorated :)

Kristin O said...

lol. I love this post. Makes me want a deck. lol. Thanks so much for linking up again!!!

Kelsey said...

Those red solos are sweet! I've NEVER seen them before! Also, I have the exact same maxi dress pin! I'm loving it, but can't find a cheap maxi skirt anywhere :(

Stephanie said...

I love the solo cup drinkware haha! And the outdoor bar cart, so pretty.

Chelsee W said...

I love the red solo cup drinkware...omgsh I am so cracking up..too funny! Thanks for linking up with us:)