Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend o' Fun!

Whew. We really had no plans for the weekend and it ended up being such a blast! I love weekends with just me and Christian spending quality time together. This semester has been so crazy that time alone together has been scarce.

So Friday was pretty chill. See: here. I had to run to the store later for some things I forgot so I throw on some shorts and run to the store while Christian is on a work call. As I'm leaving, he looks at me, points to the hem on my shorts and raises his eyebrows. When I got back I asked what he was talking about. His response: "well aren't those a little short?" ARE YOU MY DAD? But seriously, I guess it's time to go shorts shopping. Oops. Anyways, I cooked dinner and we watched a movie. Crazy kids over here.

Before going to bed Friday night, we mentioned going to the Humane Society on Saturday. Christian's family is looking for a dog and I just love to play with all the animals. If I can't take them home with me, I might as well brighten their day by taking them or a walk to scratching their ears. First, we took this guy on a walk and he just absolutely LOVED being outside. Once he got over his excitement, he calmed down and let us love on him.

But then, I found this little girl. His family has always adopted dogs at least 2 years old because they're least likely to be adopted and they want all the dogs to have home ( I think this is so sweet but it doesn't stop me from loving and wanting every single puppy ever).

After sending some pictures to his parents, we're sitting at lunch when they start asking about the puppy. After eating, we drive straight back and put a hold on her. As we're doing so, someone calls asking about her and another comes in to meet her. Sorry, buckos, she's ours! We played with her for a little bit and she is absolutely precious. A little timid but she loves to give kisses. Then after chewing on a cat toy for a minute, she fell asleep. Too cute! They can't pick her up until Friday but I am already SO excited and so glad I'm moving to Charlotte so I can play with her every day.

After all that excitement, I made cheesy skillet pasta for dinner and we grabbed SweetFrog for dessert. Of course, mine was filled with chocolate everything, per usual. After dessert, we watched The Big Bang Theory for quite awhile (it never gets old!).

Sunday we slept late and grabbed lunch at Come Back Shack before he headed back to Charlotte. This is always the worst part of the weekend. I hate saying bye but I know that each time we do it, we're that much closer to not doing it ever again! Just a few short weeks :)

The rest of the day, as always, was spent studying and doing homework. I really need to get it together these last few weeks so I can end up with those grades that I want so badly. I've been so busy this semester, I've slacked off some and now I'm getting it together this week so I can graduate feeling good about this semester!

How was your weekend?

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