Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

 Okay, so I love the word shenanigans. Honestly, I probably overuse it. But it's just a great word and usually sometimes describes my life; more importantly, my weekends. So since it's Spring Break and I've decided to throw myself full throttle into this blog here, I'm doing my first link up with Sami over from Sami's Shenanigan's (Maybe that's why I love her blog so much?)! So without further ado, my weekend!


LONG drive home to Georgia. After the long and stressful drive (little Zukes gets car sick/anxiety so he has to take medicine before travel but I always get worried that we will have an episode, so it's nerve-wracking). Then, I'm greeted by this:

We're moving and my room became storage.
So that was a blast. Luckily, there was help on the way to rescue the poor room so my kitten didn't drown in the clothes pile. Then, I got my favorite dinner:

Now you're hungry, right?


I FINALLY got to sleep in. Christian and I decided on a hotel for Disney World finally. I met some friends for lunch at one of my must-go-to restaurants every time I come  home. After that,  Kristin and I went wedding shoe shopping and of course made a stop at Bath & Body Works since it was right next door. Then, Mom and I had the night to ourselves and we saw Oz the Great and Powerful. I highly recommend it. I wasn't too sure going in, but it was pretty good! It was nice to watch a movie without violence, goriness, the apocalypse, etc. for once. Best part about Saturday? The weather. 

 Beautiful sky through my sunroof!
 I was so happy I took a cheesy car selfie.


I'm sure everyone struggled with that time change yesterday. It was brutal. Especially since I had to be up at 6:30 7:30 to be ready to leave for the little bro's race two hours away. He's lucky to have such a great sister like me to support him... because I almost considered faking the flu or something to sleep longer. But, I got my favorite biscuit so I was content for the most part. And luckily, his start time was 12:30p so it definitely could've been worse since the first start was at 8am. NOPE.

Sitting at the starting line and 2nd place headed into the race!
His races last about 2 hours and you can only see him for about 25 seconds every 20 minutes as he whizzes past and throws dirt in your face. So I settled in with some insanely good BBQ and started re-reading this gem in our trailer: 

His ex-girlfriend (hopefully soon to be again girlfriend - we adore her) and her family were there to support him so we got to hang out with them, too. They dated for almost three years, so we've all gotten close so it was great to see everyone (they're 2 and a half hours away - hence, the break up). 

Sunday night the whole family was a lazy sack of bones from the long day and I spent the night reading more and preparing for my interview today! 

How was your weekend?

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