Friday, March 8, 2013

Homeward bound

Currently, I'm getting ready to head down the mountain and back to Georgia for a few days. I get to see my two of my best friends, my family and a few friends I haven't seen in QUITE awhile. And for once, I'm kind of excited to go home. After everything that has gone on in my life (very vague post here), it was very hard for me to go back to that town and I still wish I didn't have to. I think one reason I'm okay with going home right now is because I know my time going back to that town is very limited: now, Easter break, and a week after graduation before "real life" begins. I can handle that. I'm sure I'll come home for random weekends and such but we spend every holiday in Charlotte anyway and my mom loves to come up to see her dad as much as she can. They are also hoping to eventually retire up here somewhere or at Lake Hartwell. 

Best Friend Katherine

Best Friend Kristin

John and me before Lady GaGa

Robert and me at our junior Homecoming dance

These past 3 years I have dealt with some crazy, crazy things and through that I really learned who my friends are and what home means to me. Those people I'm going to see this weekend have always stood by me and been there to support me through everything. And home is definitely where the heart is. It seems like such a cheesy thing to say, but Athens just isn't my home.

And I'm not sure it ever was. I was never happy in that town and I always knew I would move out and move on and I did shortly after turning 18. And then I moved even further away. Here, in Boone, at Appalachian, I found my home. It's not my forever home, but it's definitely where my heart has been. I have met some wonderful people and I met the most amazing guy a girl could ask for. 

No picture will ever do this place justice (but it IS an awesome pic, thanks roomie!)

Best friends from Boone
Now, as my friends and boyfriend move on, so does my home. I've always wanted to move to Charlotte after graduation but was worried I wouldn't think of it as home. I haven't even moved there yet, but I'm already thinking of it as home. The majority of my family is there. A lot of my friends live there. There are places to work and nice places to live. And most of all, Christian is there. I'm no longer nervous about the move itself (of course, I'm nervous about growing up). 

I'm really not sure what the point of this long ramble was except that it's Spring Break, I get to see some awesome people in Athens, but I'm ready for Charlotte to be my home now. 

Anyone else headed home for Spring Break?

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