Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let's hang out?

I've decided to share mine and Christian's little story in a series of posts so I have something to write about on those writer's block days and those days when I miss him a whole bunch due to this long distance stupidity. If you didn't catch the first one, here's how we met. Now, we finally get to hang out.

The first football game rolls around in September and we went with the rugby team. Per usual, we left around halftime to head over to the bar. After a couple hours, Kristin, Christian and another player decide we're hungry and head to Subway. From there we decided we wanted to go to the hookah bar. We played games and such there and Christian invited us all back to his place (which is in the same complex as Kristin) to watch Office Space.

Apparently, the entire time we were flirting. I, of course, knew I had a crush on him, but in no way believed he would even think of me that way. As Kristin and I headed back to her apartment and got ready for bed, she was very adamant about it. After that, we became Facebook friends and there were some wall posts and messages before we made a bet to see who could get the other's number first. The idiot had his on Facebook so I obviously won that one.

From then on, we were constantly texting (he tricked me into thinking he was good at responding to texts which I now know is not true at all). Finally, I told him I needed help studying Biology, which I really did, but it was only an excuse to hang out. So he and Kristin came over for dinner and the ice was broken!

After a few weeks of flirting. chatting and somewhat awkward hang outs (we're REALLY awkward people), I was still a little unsure of how he felt about me. I knew I liked this kid a whole lot and I knew I wanted to date him. But, even though he seemed like he liked me, he didn't really make a solid move to let me know for sure.

October 3, 2010. I finally figured out that this was a real thing. We were at Ruktoberfest all day (a rugby tournament thingy ma jig) and that night there was a social for all the teams involved. So there was are just hanging out with friends and drinking some beer soda in a bar parking lot. And I basically told him that I had a crush on someone, he asked who it was, I acted awkward and stared at him like he was dumb and then he kissed me!

I'm sure you're all just on the edge of your seats now... ha! 

But until next time.. Happy Thursday!


Chelsee W said...

Gosh, I have this same stuff happen to me in the past! I admit you did have me on the edge of my seat. Glad he finally kissed you, sometimes guys suck at making a move. Have a great day!

Andy Gregory said...

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