Thursday, February 28, 2013

Writer's Block

I'm really enjoying this blogging thing. I've been reading A LOT of other blogs and I enjoy that they consistently post and I always have something to read! So I'm trying veryyy hard to consistently post (and I'v even been pre-planning and scheduling posts when I have spare time). But then Wednesday night rolls around and I always hit a wall about what I want to talk about on Thursday. I think it's because it's my busiest day of the week so my brain is just fried at this point. So I peruse blogs and search for inspiration. Usually, I still can't come up with anything and I don't post on Thursdays and save it for the weekend. But, tonight, I stumbled upon a blogger's old post about their love of tattoos and I thought I'd share the story of mine! 

SO, the story of my tattoo is very personal and I'm not really comfortable going into the full details surrounding it, but I can tell enough that you'll understand how meaningful it is to me! 

Here I am directly after getting it done with my super cheesy "strength" pose and my really pale face since I felt like I was going to pass out. 

As you can see, I have "Strength" on my ribs. It's in honor of my Dad. The past few years, he and my family have been through something that is pretty horrific and absolutely unimaginable for most people.  It al started in September 2010 and got even worse in January 2011. Luckily, it has all ended finally (in October 2012) and we are slowly moving forward. 

I had always wanted a tattoo but I can't stand needles and I pass out when I get shots and blood drawn. So no one ever believed I would actually go through with it. Then these two ladies came to visit two summers ago and I did it. We have promised each other we will be present with each other whenever one of us gets a tattoo. 

Terrible, terrible picture. And my hair is SO red. 
I made an appointment and tried not to pass out all day leading up to it. I had it designed and printed up how I wanted and off we went to the tattoo parlor. And some hilarious pictures ensued:


Oh god why am I doing this??


Holy shit. 

Terrible decision.


I adore it. It's simple and it's perfect. It's not done, though. The original plan was to have it finished when everything ended for my family. Unfortunately, I am short on money right now and I'm waiting until this summer to finish it. I'm adding 4 black sparrows flying around it to symbolize each person in my family and how strong we've been. Sparrows symbolize a safe trip home which is the perfect analogy for what we've been through. I'm so excited to finish it and I'm already planning more. It's true when they say tattoos are addictive (even if you're deathly afraid of needles)!

Do you have any tattoos? Or do you want any?


Becky said...

I love the stories of tattoos! Especially when they are really meaningful to the person!! I think one day I might get one and in the same place. Was it worth where you got it done or would you have gotten it somewhere else?

Stephanie said...

The faces you're making crack me up. That's why I'm totally terrified of tattoos! I love yours though, I think it looks amazing.

Leslie said...

I love it there! It's hidden most of the time, which is great for the business world! But, I really do want one on my wrist!

Leslie said...

Aw thank you! It was definitely painful, but it only hurts while the needle is touching you! It's not sore after or anything like that, so that's a plus side?

Becky said...

Yeah that is great!! I'd want one on my wrist too!

Andy Gregory said...

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