Monday, January 22, 2018


Last week, I posted a 2017 recap of my "Try More" motto for 2017. Yes, last week. The third week of January. But, it's fine. I'm here now so that's what counts, right? 

For 2018, I wanted to pick a word again. I guess I technically went with a phrase last year, but it was the same concept. It took me a little while to figure out my word for this year after all the insanity of last year (see the bottom of last week's post for details), I had some things I needed to do for my personal well being that I wanted to work into my word. 

After writing down all my little mini goals I was to accomplish at work and in my personal life, I finally settled on: 

To grow or develop well or vigorously. To flourish. 

I want to be the best, most healthy, most organized, most productive, happiest version of myself. I want to thrive in 2018. 

Before I even came up with my word last week, I had started making a few changes to my daily routine that really fit in with this perfectly. For starters, my friend from work and I are currently on the 21 Day Fix (even though, I definitely had Chick Fil A for lunch on our "snow day" last week... but hey, snow days never happen!) and I feel SO good. There are definitely still some cravings hanging around, but that's what I like about this program. I am allowed "cheats" a few times a week and the focus is on portion control of good foods! We have eaten some really good food the last couple of weeks. If this interests you at all, I post a lot about meal prep/dinners on InstaStories

In addition to 21 Day Fix, I started Kayla Itsines' workouts on the Sweat App. Week one absolutely KILLED me and I felt so out of shape after 6ish weeks out of the gym. But, week 2 went a little better and I have a feeling week 3 will be even better this week! 

On top of those pretty big changes, I also am trying to make myself a morning workout person. I've been meal prepping like crazy so I can have everything packed the day before including my gym bag. My alarm goes off at 6:25 and I throw on my clothes, brush my teeth, make my protein shake and head out the door. Having EVERYTHING prepped the night before is truly the only way this has been possible. Let's see if I can keep it up, though. 

And finally, I've been focusing on my self care. For me, that's more reading, hand lettering practice, a bath, some nighttime yoga and trying to disconnect from my screens before bed and going to bed earlier. It's clearly working because I'm not hitting snooze 1,000 times and I've read 3 books already this year. 

There you have it. In 2018, I'm going to thrive. I can't wait to see where this year takes us! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday

Whew. We made it. What a weird week it's been. Most of you were probably off on Monday and if you're in the South, had a snow day on Wednesday (and maybe Thursday, too). But, alas, I work in transportation and how do you think all the bread and milk gets to you when a snowflake appears int he forecast? Though I'm in HR/training, we follow the company guidelines (clearly, since we have to enforce them) so we work when our operations teams work! Thankfully, I at least got to leave early both days and was lucky to work from home yesterday.

Onward to the five... 

one //  SNOW! Y'all. I wasn't meant to be Southern. Ask anyone in my day to day life. I am my happiest in the Fall and Winter. Leaving work Wednesday, I actually spun in circles staring at the sky. And Christian and I got into a full blown snow ball fight like little kids. While everyone at work was complaining about snow, I was singing and quoting Olaf. Why must I live in such a hot weather place?!

two // I have read 3 books in January so far. I plan to share a review post on these at the end of the month, but I'd love to hear some of your current faves that I should add to my list! I love historical fiction, memoirs, cheesy beach reads and thrillers like Gone Girl!
three // We leave for Orlando in 18 days. Our first trip of the year will be with our friends, the Reimherr's! Christian and I have never been to Universal or Disney so we are going to be big giant kids while we're there. Thankfully, Maggie and Derek are all about that life, too, so I know we're going to have a blast. Maggie and I are also basically the same person in that we bought Harry Potter t shirts, fanny packs and have an Excel spreadsheet with all the trip details and itinerary. No shame here. 

four // The Bachelor is weird this season Is anyone watching Arie's season? Firstly, I never watched Emily's season so I had no idea who he was. I started watching Andi Dorfman's season because of Josh Murray (I'm from Athens aka, University of Georgia where his brother was the current quarterback) and have watched every season since except for Chris Soules. But, I find this season.. weird? Boring? Why did one girl meet his family on the first date? And another got a bunch of designer duds? And they were GLOW girls?? All the dates have just been weird and the age gap with some of these girls and Arie is ridiculous. I can't take a 22 year old talking about her 4 year relationship super seriously.. It was clearly her HS boyfriend and that's quite a different level than Arie is at. /end rant. 

five // Kristin is coming this weekend! We were just up in Charlottesville for New Years so I love that we're getting to see each other again so soon! She's coming down to meet Sam's baby for the first time so we have a fun weekend of best friend time with the four of us (and the husbands) and little baby Squish planned!
I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Try More 2017 Recap

I've decided that being an adult is just constantly talking about how tired you are or saying "WOW can you believe it's already *insert month here*? This year has flown by!"

And since we're all thinking it, I don't need to say it today, right? ;)

And yes, I started this post WEEKS ago while it was still 2017 and it's just now getting posted. Life has been more insane than normal, but I'm sitting at home, watching the snow fall after working most of the day and decided I should finish this post up because I have some ideas of other posts I want to share! 

Last year I embarked on my "Try More" journey (read about that here). And I'm pleased to say that I did pretty well and tried a lot of new things. To end the year, I thought I'd do a final recap. If you want to read about my 6 month check in, click here, but I'll be talking about a few of these things here, too!  

Overall, I'm really proud of the progress I made last year and I really liked the idea of not setting real "resolutions" but having a word/phrase to live my life by. This allowed me to set smaller goals throughout the year to work towards. 

So, what did I try MORE of? 
  • Blogging: Though I wasn't back consistently, I blogged a lot more than I did in 2016 so that's a win! 
  • Working out: I did Classpass for the first half of the year and joined the YMCA for the last half pf the year which lead to a pretty consistent schedule of working out most of 2017. 
  • Traveling: I was lucky to travel a few times for work, but also traveled for fun and got to see some new places! For places I went to again, (DC, Charlottesville, Chicago), I tried to do new things in those places! 
  • Cooking: I did a pretty good job of cooking during the week and trying new recipes. I got a new cookbook for Christmas this year that I'm pretty excited to continue expanding my recipe favorites! I also got an Instant Pot on Prime Day that is AMAZING and has made cooking so much easier. 
  • Volunteering: Being on the stewardship committee at work made this one a little easier, but I also did some things outside of the committee as well, such as Girls on the Run. 
And what did I do for the first time?
  • AIR fitness
  • Hot yoga
  • Work out in a weight room
  • Travel to New Orleans, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Charleston
  • See Faith Hill in concert (with Tim, of course, but I had seen him solo)
  • Run a 5K 
  • Quite a few new restaurants
  • See a hockey game
  • Charlotte Knights baseball game 
I'm sure there are other little things I did more of or tried but just can't remember but these are all the big ones! 

To finish this post, I have to talk about the elephant in my room (y'all probably have no idea), but this year was SO hard. My friends were getting married, engaged, promoted, and having babies and truly having some of the best years of their lives and I was having one of the worst. It was so wonderful being with them and getting to celebrate life with them, but as they can all attest to, this year tried to wreck me. 

Almost exactly a year ago, my parents separated. It was abrupt (sort of...) and it has taken its toll on me mentally and emotionally. There were weeks months that it consumed me. And, without going into all my personal mumbo jumbo, it hasn't been a mutual divorce and one of my parents has gone off the deep end dealing with it that has dragged me through emotional hell and forced me to make hard choices and have a lot of hard conversations. All while my little brother was in basic training and AIT for the Army... 

Needless to say, I'm ready to move into 2018. I've been making conscious efforts almost daily to take care of myself emotionally and focus on my family unit and surrounding myself with wonderful friends who support me every day and are always there when I need to vent. 

So, here's to 2018 and all the fun, joy, and emotional stability that will hopefully come with it! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On the Eve of Thanksgiving

I can't tell you guys how excited I am that Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I'm so ready for good food, snuggles by the fire and starting off the Christmas season in my house (yes, even though I personally start celebrating on November 1, my husband does not so I celebrate alone until now LOL). The last few weeks have been pretty crazy, but I wanted to stop by and share some tidbits about outfits for tomorrow (and where you can get them on sale today) and some Black Friday deals you should scoop up!

So first, what are you going to wear tomorrow? If you're not sure yet and you need a quick, affordable outfit idea, check out Old Navy. They're already running their Black Friday deal of 50% off your entire purchase. These are a few things I've bought recently that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving. 
Velvet Top / Buffalo Plaid / Lightweight Sweater
Ponte Knit Leggings / Velvet Leggings / Olive Pants
Flats / Black Suede Booties /Camel Booties
Now that you have some comfy clothes, you need to be ready for your Black Friday shopping in your food coma. The great news is that you do not need to leave your couch. I repeat, don't leave your couch. Especially on Thanksgiving Day. If everyone protests Thanksgiving Day shopping, maybe stores will stop opening! 

Here a few stores that you should definitely check out. Also, Ebates and are great resources to shop sales! 

  • Old Navy - clearly I'm a fan, but the deals are so good! 
  • Target - duh. They have so many different sales on toys and electronics which are the two I will be looking at! 
  • Tarte - This is my favorite makeup and they always have good deals this weekend. They're already running 25% most of their store right now. 
  • QVC - This is a weird one, I know, but you should check it out. They have all your favorite brands at the same price with a bonus gift or at a discount! These are great for gift sets. 
  • Fitness - If you've been eyeing a new gym membership at any local studio, they're probably going to have good sales so make sure you check them out! 
  • Ebates - Many stores will have higher cash back percentages so don't forget to activate it before you do your shopping! (You can use my referral link to get $10 cash back immediately) 
I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend and I'll be back next week with plenty of holiday posts :)  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Five on Friday

Whoops. I've been a little MIA this week - it's been a crazy one! What better way to pop back in than by joining the Five on Friday link up to end the week.

one // I'm headed to Chicago this afternoon!

An opportunity came up for me to be in Chicago next week for work so of course I took it as an opportunity to go up early and spend the weekend with my best friend. We're headed to the Purdue/Northwestern game tomorrow and she's taking me around to explore all the Christmas decorations that are already up on Sunday! I can't wait to share the trip with you guys!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A New, Glorious Month

November 2 seems like a good time for an October goals update and to possibly set some November goals, right? Okay, good. I'm also linking up with Kristen for the What's New With You Linkup!

one // Be active for at least 30 minutes per day. 

I got so close on this one! There were 6 days that I didn't hit it according to my Fitbit. Although I "failed", I really paid a lot more attention to my activity so I think it's a success overall. 

two // Try a new workout class.  

I really don't think I did this. The sad part is, I already can't remember most of October. Both work and home were so crazy that I was just lost. I do know that I spent a lot of time in the gym, though, and tried some new exercises so does that count?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Things to do this Weekend to Prepare for the Holidays

It's here, it's here, it's here! The Holiday season is here! Hear me out: I know a lot of people are "no Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving". I used to be one of those people. Let me tell you why I have changed my tune...

Image result for christmas november 1 meme

Can you think of a Thanksgiving song? What about a Thanksgiving movie? If you're my husband, you would say, " uh, yeah, the Adam Sandler song and Charlie Brown". And that's it. (If you think of more, PLEASE let me know).

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