Friday, July 20, 2018

A Little 5 on Friday

For someone that really dislikes the summertime, I've somehow ended up crazy busy the last two months. Well, really, since my birthday in May. After a crazy May, work and personal were super crazy in June and so far in July as well. I have SO many posts in drafts that I want to try to get out in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out!

one // Christian has been out of town all week. He's back tonight and I've hated him being gone. I never talk about the weeks when Christian is out of town because I'm terribly afraid that I will get robbed or murdered and everyone at work thinks I'm overly dramatic. When he's home or I'm in a hotel, I need it to be pitch black and silent to sleep. But, the second I'm alone in the house, I need the TV on so I've watched quite a lot of Gilmore Girls every night this week. Needless to say, I'm ready for a good night's sleep tonight! 
two // We're participating in Queens Feast (restaurant week) tomorrow! Charlotte has two restaurant weeks each year (January and July) and we try to go at least one new restaurant each time. This weekend, we're headed to Carpe Diem and they're known for their fried chicken which is thankfully on the menu! Stay tuned on Instagram because I will for sure be posting about it! 

three // I am reading The Hate U Give and literally everyone needs to read this book immediately. Such a phenomenal, well-written book. I have cried, I have felt sick to my stomach, I have laughed and I've still got about a 4th of the book left! I cannot wait to see the movie when it comes out on October 19. 

four // I'm headed back to Charlottesville next weekend! It was a last minute trip and we're already making tons of fun plans. I always love spending weekends up in the mountains, drinking good beer, eating good food and spending quality time with my best friends! 
five // I've been doing a new workout plan from Lauren Gleisburg and I'm loving it! So far this year, I've tried BBG and PWR (more to come on my thoughts) and I wanted to switch it up again. Her current weight training plan is set up to be 30 minutes and then you can add cardio/other work as you see fit for your goals! I typically do the 30 minutes of weights and then finish up with about 10-15 minutes of cardio either on the treadmill or elliptical depending on how sore my legs are LOL. 

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