Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Weird Things That I've Cried At

I am a crier. I know plenty of people that say that, but I'm embarrassing about it. Whenever I meet someone new, I somehow end up "telling" on myself and how ridiculous I am about crying over literally everything. As I was telling someone the other day, I realized this might be a hilarious post to share on the blog so you can all make fun of me, too! (Or maybe you cry at everything ever, too!)

I'm going to start with the thing that started me off on my "cry at everything" journey: The Notebook. Now, this seems to be a pretty normal one that most women have cried at. But, the first time I saw it, my friend was bawling and I was like "oh, that was cute. okay, cool". The second time I saw it a year or so later, I teared up a bit. The third time I watched, I was so inconsolable that my mom came home from work to find me sobbing on the couch and she truly that someone had died or I was hurt. Nope, just watching The Notebook for the third time.
Next up is the one that will also make me sob uncontrollably and my husband won't let me click on: military coming home videos. I CANNOT handle it. Whether its a daughter surprising her dad, a dad surprising his kids, at a sporting event or even the soldier coming home to their animals - I lose it. Now that my brother is in the Army I'm even worse. Last spring, I cried at a video at the World of Coke because they showed a military reference... Anytime I'm crying on the couch, Christian assumes I'm watching these.
One that I think most people can also agree on is This Is Us. I mean, how. That show is literally about the mundane, every day parts of life and family relationships and I'm on the couch crying every Tuesday night. Recently my husband asked my why I keep watching it if it makes me cry. He clearly doesn't understand.
Now that I've shared a few that are common, I'm going to throw myself under the bus. Hard. 

Pacific Rim.  

Yes, the really terrible alien movie from 2013. Short synopsis: aliens come out of a crack in the ocean and wreak havoc on the world. People get inside giant robots and meld their minds together to control said robot and defeat ocean aliens. Like I said, terrible. BUT, towards the end of the movie (stop reading if for some reason you don't want a tiny spoiler) one of the characters has to say good bye to his dog because he's sacrificing himself to the aliens. 
Cue my sobbing in the movie theater. Christian looked over at me and just says "are you KIDDING me".. haha. Needless to say, this is probably the most embarrassing one. But all I could think about was how the dog didn't understand that his owner wasn't coming home and he would never see him again and how my animals would feel if that happened to them. Like, no. I can't handle when anything bad happens to animals. 

Next up, and not quite as embarrassing but still pretty bad... Star Trek Into Darkness. Again, skip if you don't want a spoiler, but Kirk is dying and his BFF Spock comes down and they have a moment that I couldn't stop crying over. I just couldn't imagine one of my best friends dying and I cried!

Other movies that are kind of embarrassing to cry at: Big Hero 6 (BAWLED), Toy Story 3, What To Expect When You're Expecting, The Avengers, and list goes on.. 

Other random things I cry about: a good story on a singing competition show, weddings, people hearing for the first time, thinking about something happening to my pets, quite a few commercials that are airing right now and again, the list goes on. 

So hopefully, you don't think I'm the craziest person ever and maybe you cry at really ridiculous things too?


Whitney H said...

Okay, I may have cried recently at a Publix commercial but I blame that on pregnancy hormones. TV shows, books and movies just don't make me cry - ever!

EXCEPT. The Office episode where Jim and Pam get married. The Chris Brown music. The montage of the employees of Dunder Mifflin walking down the aisle. The "real" wedding at the falls. I am a sobbing mess every single time.

Audrey Louise said...

All I can say is ME TOO.
I am very sarcastic and cut-and-dry and logical... but I love my freaking mind with almost all movies and feel-good stories and zero-to-hero tales. We watched Frozen on TV the other day and I SOBBED at the act of true love between Anna and Elsa. I'm a wreck most of the time and sarcastic (and an asshole) all the other times. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

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