Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday

Whew. We made it. What a weird week it's been. Most of you were probably off on Monday and if you're in the South, had a snow day on Wednesday (and maybe Thursday, too). But, alas, I work in transportation and how do you think all the bread and milk gets to you when a snowflake appears int he forecast? Though I'm in HR/training, we follow the company guidelines (clearly, since we have to enforce them) so we work when our operations teams work! Thankfully, I at least got to leave early both days and was lucky to work from home yesterday.

Onward to the five...

one //  SNOW! Y'all. I wasn't meant to be Southern. Ask anyone in my day to day life. I am my happiest in the Fall and Winter. Leaving work Wednesday, I actually spun in circles staring at the sky. And Christian and I got into a full blown snow ball fight like little kids. While everyone at work was complaining about snow, I was singing and quoting Olaf. Why must I live in such a hot weather place?!

two // I have read 3 books in January so far. I plan to share a review post on these at the end of the month, but I'd love to hear some of your current faves that I should add to my list! I love historical fiction, memoirs, cheesy beach reads and thrillers like Gone Girl!
three // We leave for Orlando in 18 days. Our first trip of the year will be with our friends, the Reimherr's! Christian and I have never been to Universal or Disney so we are going to be big giant kids while we're there. Thankfully, Maggie and Derek are all about that life, too, so I know we're going to have a blast. Maggie and I are also basically the same person in that we bought Harry Potter t shirts, fanny packs and have an Excel spreadsheet with all the trip details and itinerary. No shame here. 

four // The Bachelor is weird this season Is anyone watching Arie's season? Firstly, I never watched Emily's season so I had no idea who he was. I started watching Andi Dorfman's season because of Josh Murray (I'm from Athens aka, University of Georgia where his brother was the current quarterback) and have watched every season since except for Chris Soules. But, I find this season.. weird? Boring? Why did one girl meet his family on the first date? And another got a bunch of designer duds? And they were GLOW girls?? All the dates have just been weird and the age gap with some of these girls and Arie is ridiculous. I can't take a 22 year old talking about her 4 year relationship super seriously.. It was clearly her HS boyfriend and that's quite a different level than Arie is at. /end rant. 

five // Kristin is coming this weekend! We were just up in Charlottesville for New Years so I love that we're getting to see each other again so soon! She's coming down to meet Sam's baby for the first time so we have a fun weekend of best friend time with the four of us (and the husbands) and little baby Squish planned!
I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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