Friday, November 10, 2017

Five on Friday

Whoops. I've been a little MIA this week - it's been a crazy one! What better way to pop back in than by joining the Five on Friday link up to end the week.

one // I'm headed to Chicago this afternoon!

An opportunity came up for me to be in Chicago next week for work so of course I took it as an opportunity to go up early and spend the weekend with my best friend. We're headed to the Purdue/Northwestern game tomorrow and she's taking me around to explore all the Christmas decorations that are already up on Sunday! I can't wait to share the trip with you guys!
two //  Some of my shows have already gone off the air for Fall and I'm sad. 

This is a weird thing to be sad about, but it seems like the first half of the season went by WAY too fast. But I'm already ready for The Good Place and Will and Grace to come back on. 

three // The holiday season is in full swing. 

I feel ZERO shame about the fact that I waltzed into work on November 1st wishing everyone a happy holiday season or that I have already listened to Mariah Carey holiday radio on Pandora or that I have started Christmas shopping or that I've already watched quite a few Hallmark movies... and I can go on. 

I just love this whole season so much and I want to soak up every single second of it. 
four //  Work is insane. 

The next few weeks are going to be pretty insane and may include some late nights but I'm playing lots of good music to keep me motivated and in the groove so that I can knock this out and enjoy December. 

five // I've started making my own "Medicine Ball" tea at home. 

This is so random, I know. But if you haven't tried the Medicine Ball at Starbucks (on the menu its called Honey Citrus Mint Tea), you should do that ASAP. I will warn you that they messed up my order quite a few times so I would confirm the recipe with them when you order. 

Half lemonade
Half water
Packet of honey
Pump of Peppermint
Peach Tranquility tea
Jade Citrus Mint tea

We have an espresso machine at home, so I started making this at home and it's done wonders for cutting my soda and latte habit. I'm down to just a couple of each throughout the week! You can also make this with a regular teapot if you don't have an actual steamer.  

Well, that was a pretty random 5 on Friday... oh well. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Or any suggestions for my trip to Chicago?

Happy Friday! 

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Laura Darling said...

Have a blast in Chicago! That city is on my bucket list of places to visit someday!