Monday, October 9, 2017

Four Friends and a Baby

It's already Monday? This weekend went by way too quickly because it was just too much fun. I thought it would be a perfect weekend for a little recap!

On Friday, our friends from Chancellorsville drive down and then we had a surprise visit from Christian's best friend that lives near DC. We spent a good night catching up and just enjoying each other's company. 

Saturday, it was baby shower time! Our friend Sam is expecting her first little one and she's the first one of our friend group so we are over the moon excited for her. Kristin and I ran a few errands and got breakfast with our husbands before heading over to help finish setting up for the shower before everyone arrived.
The baby was totally spoiled with all the gifts and now they're in crunch mode to get it all set up and ready because she's less than two weeks from her due date now! 

After the shower, we all headed to meet up with the men for a few drinks and dinner. We went to one of my favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and such a great night catching up and talking about the new little baby and getting so excited for her arrival! We ended the night changing out my flat tire in the restaurant parking lot because I somehow ran over a nail this weekend :( Thankfully, I took it in and got it patched first thing this morning and it's all good to go! 

Sunday, as we always do when we're together, we had a delicious brunch at Another Broken Egg and possibly saying goodbye to Sam until that baby pops out! 
Alyssa and I then went to Windy Hill Orchard in York, SC with our men. I've wanted to head out there for a few years and hadn't made it yet. It was.... underwhelming. Everyone in Charlotte is really obsessed with this place and there's been all this drama over it this year because the first weekend of apple picking, it was apparently trashed by customers so they closed the picking season. The weather wasn't great, so we thought it would be a good time to go. 
Now, the hard cider was SO good. We got a few flights and we all really liked everything but it's a tiny spot right on the highway, so you couldn't even walk around and enjoy your cider. We just sat at picnic tables and people watched. We did grab some donuts and traditional cider to take home and I will definitely let you know if those are worth it. 

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