Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Add it to my List: Beauty Edition

Today, I'm back again and linking up with Bre and Lauren for Add It To My List! I really enjoy reading everyone's posts and have definitely found some new things to try. So, today, I thought I would go with some of my new (or just tried and true) beauty finds.

Up first is my new Wet Brush! After my hair appointment a few weeks ago, my stylist (if you're in the Charlotte area, you should hit me up and I'll send you her way!) gave me a wet brush. I have very thin hair BUT there's a lot of it and it's super tangly. This thing smooths out my hair in less than 30 seconds. I used to fight my hair after every shower and hated washing my hair specifically because I didn't want to detangle it.

The next product I've been buying repeatedly for over a year now: NYX under eye concealer. I've found a lot of NYX products that I really love and even used a few when I did a friend's wedding makeup last month, but this is my absolute favorite that I tell everyone about. It works on multiple skin tones, too. I am the lightest but Kristin in the darker shade and it works beautifully on both of us!

Since we moved into our house almost three years ago, I've had dry scalp/dandruff. I'm blaming the water. I tried everything to clear it up: getting a water filter on our shower, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar rinses, Head and Shoulders (even though its terrible for your hair!) until I finally found Clear shampoo. I use the Complete Scalp shampoo and conditioner and I am finally flake free! Plus, it's made my hair super soft and shiny. I will say it can be a little hard to find and I usually start checking stores before I actually run out, but I typically find it at Target.

I use a mix of drugstore and high-end makeup. Most of my high-end makeup comes from Tarte (and I buy most of it on sale around the holidays and it will last me most of the year! My current favorite that I bought myself for my birthday is this Tarte blush. I have a lighter color and it's almost like a highlighter with a pink flush to it. It looks so natural and dewy. A few reviews said they disliked it because it took off their makeup when they swiped it on. I've found that dotting in on and blending it solves that issue! 

And finally, my newest favorite is the Loreal Air Dry it spray. I have weird hair (as previously mentioned above) and it doesn't air dry well. It's super flat to my head and gets greasy when I air dry it. Every time I washed my hair, I had to blow dry it. On top of the once a quarter coloring I do, this is not good for the health of my hair. When I saw this stuff advertised, I had to try it. Since I don't have wavy hair, it doesn't make my hair wavy but it does make it dry beautifully. No weird greasiness, not totally flat to my head and it dries very quickly! I have two friends at work with wavy that have started using it, too, and they're hair also dries quickly, not frizzy and with a wave! There's also a cream and mouse version! 


Lauren said...

I have a page in my journal for this link-up and that spray just got added. I will have to go on a hunt this weekend. Thanks for linking up!

Lauren said...

Sounds like some great products - thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing what beauty products work best for people. I'm curious about the wet brush!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'll try the NYX concealer, can't beat the price for a trial run!

Whitney H said...

I already use and LOVE the Wet Brush. Our hair is very similar, so I really want to try that spray! Looking for a new blush too, but I'm usually a cheapo when it comes to makeup =P I'll look into that Tarte stuff though!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

I'm a huge fan of the wet brush. Now I need to get that air dry spray!