Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Turning 26

Last year, around a month before my birthday, a coworker asked me how old I was. I confidently replied that I would be turning 26 on May 4th. We had a conversation about "how young that is" and la ti da. A few days later, I was emailing my best friend and I said "Can you even believe we're turning 26 this year?!" To which she responded, "Leslie, we're turning twenty FIVE this year...."

I was so certain that I was turning 26 that I called my mom that night after dinner and asked her how old I was between fits of giggles because I couldn't believe I didn't remember and Christian was just trying to confuse me more because he thought it was hilarious. 

First thing my mom said was, " Are you drunk right now?!" But, no, I had just forgotten my age for over a week and somehow had forgotten how to count. My mom told me that if I ever forgot again, all I had to do was subtract the year I was born from the current year. And I very bravely said, "But, mom, 16-91 is a negative number and I'm definitely not in the negatives."

It's a wonder my mother didn't drive herself up to Charlotte to make sure I wasn't drunk or sick or had gone crazy but she instead burst out laughing and told me it would be 2016 minus 1991. And that is how I learned that I'm turning twenty six TOMORROW and not last year. 

So, in honor, some pictures from past birthdays: 

Both Katherine and Kristin were at this birthday and I'm still friends with both of them. :) 

Whew. Freshman year: The Year Leslie Needed a Burger.

My first good ish picture with Christian. Taken on a flip phone. 

The night where we pulled a "Hangover" and didn't look at pictures until the next day. 

The year I forced all my friends to see Tim McGraw even though they don't like country music. 

The year all my uncle's started getting married. 

The year I quit my job and went to Hawaii (for an uncle's wedding). 

The last uncle finally got married!


Audrey Louise said...

Sometimes I get a little weird on my age, too, but I was born in 1990 so at least the years kind of correlate with my age. (i.e. I'll be 27 in 2017)
Those pictures are a great progression! Clever idea! Happy Birthday!!

Miranda said...

Lol, this is too funny! I can relate though...each time someone asks me how old I am I have to think about it more than I used to!