Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Doggy Life

So I got my Tuesdays mixed up for linking up with with Lauren and Bre for Add It To My List. So, I'm going to share these things anyway because I love them! We were dog sitting this weekend and I realized there are some dog toys we just couldn't live without and then, after reading Stephanie's post yesterday, I wanted to share some of my favorite things we've had over the course of Ellie's almost two years of life!

I'm also just filling this post up with pictures of Ellie's ridiculous sleeping poses on our pillows. Christian said the other day "Ya know, Ellie could never survive in the wilderness.... there aren't any pillows".  So true.

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Chew Toys 

We've had many people tell us that certain rawhides are bad for pups so we have moved mostly to antlers! We have a friend who sells them so we get them for a discount and they have been a lifesaver. We chose the elk antlers because they're a little bit softer. Now don't get me wrong, she is a CHEWER so I was worried the softer antler would be demolished in a second, but that's not the case at all.
Another chew we love is this peanut butter bone. It takes her a little while to get through the peanut butter but it definitely keeps her entertained. She had these more when she was a puppy but there are a couple leftover that she chews on occasionally. When she's really antsy and it's rainy or we can't go out, we will put peanut butter back in it and let her go at it!


Ellie can be a little bit of a chow hound and loves her treats. Right now, she's on allergy medicine so we give her a treat every night. In order to keep her interest, we switch them out every so often. Christian's parents have been giving us their treats out of a Barkbox that we switch out with but her absolute favorites are Dentastix.

I've never seen a dog get so excited for a treat. Sometimes she will start shaking from excitement and the other night we got her to army crawl because she knew she was supposed to "lay" for the treat but couldn't sit still. Another one that we've bought a few times are these. They are peanut butter flavored (if you couldn't tell from before, she loves peanut butter).


For Christmas, my sister in law got us a light up collar and I'm obsessed with it. Ellie is black. Very, very black. My husband literally couldn't find her last night because she was on a black blanket. So this collar has come in so handy during the shorter winter days but it will come in handy over the summer when we take walks/runs later while we wait for temperatures to cool down and her paws don't get burned!
Apparently, some people find this weird, but Ellie has a life jacket. I would be SO scared to put her on a boat or kayak and something happen where she was injured and couldn't swim, but was without a life jacket. So, we have this one and she looks adorable in it if I do say so myself.


When Ellie was little, we had your normal bowls on the floor on a rubber mat situation going on. Being the chewer that she is, she destroyed her mat after a week, but we didn't want to replace it until she had grown out of her destructive phase. Then, for Christmas, my mother in law got us fancy bowls that stand off the ground. (Also, I'm realizing my in-laws got Ellie more Christmas presents than us I'm pretty sure. I guess this is practice for grandkids?)
It is so much less messy and easier to clean under it if she spills water and I know she likes having it closer to her when she eats. I'm not sure the exact one they got, but here are a few I found: one / two / three.


Miranda said...

Ellie is such a cutie! My puppy is a chewer as well, and antlers have been a lifesaver! We are also big fans of peanut butter in our house, lol.

Audrey Louise said...

We use antlers (deer) and those peanut butter bones, too. Ours are all empty, so I stuff them with peanut butter when we leave one dog alone or when we leave them both for a longer period of time. Life savers!
(Oh my gosh, Ellie has BEAUTIFUL fur!)
We have two dogs and one is a strong swimmer, but if we ever got a boat or took them both on a rental, we'd totally get the little one a life jacket. Not weird at all :)
I think we need to get a platform for our bigger dog's food bowls.
(Can you tell I love talking about dogs/my dogs?)

Unknown said...

dogs are so funny. my one dog has to have her squeaky toys but my other dogs doesn't like squeaky toys at all he only wants like rubber type toys.

Lauren said...

That's good to know on the elk antlers! My dog is 10 and I don't think his teeth can handle the deer ones regularly but I think he misses them, so I will look for them at the store. Thanks for linking up - I love your enthusiasm! :)