Wednesday, November 2, 2016

DIY Gift Basket for a New Mama To Be

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine shared the very exciting news that she and her husband were expecting! I was one of the few who knew they were trying and so she told me as soon as they found out. She is one of my first friends to have a baby, and I'm crazy excited for her!

Since I was one of the very few who knew, I wanted to do a little something for her to celebrate. But, seeing as I've not had a baby, I had no idea what a newly pregnant mama might need. So where did I go? Pinterest! Duh! 

There were so many lists out there - so this is what I picked out. Sadly, I wasn't blogging much then so I don't have as many pictures as I would like, but I'll make sure to include links to the products mentioned and there's a quick tutorial as well :)

Preggie pops - For morning sickness. You can order them online but also pick them up at your local Target. 

Tissues - For all the hormonal tears ;) 

Tums- I hear you get heartburn during pregnancy so best to be prepared! 

Chocolate - Every mama gets cravings of some kind. 

Coffee mugs - Contrary to common beliefs, pregnant women can have a little bit of caffeine (my friend is trying not to, but I don't know if I'll ever have her strength), but even if they're only drinking decaf or tea - this is still a must have on my list!
I made this for her and it was so easy! So here's that quick tutorial I promised: 


Coffee mug
Oil based Sharpie pen
Nail polish remover


First things first, practice what you want to write! I practiced quite a few times before I was ready to commit. Luckily, it's not completely permanent immediately after the pen touches mug!

Deck that mug out! For mine, I wrote "Mama to be" on one side and the other side says "Est. 2017". Good thing yo have that nail polish remover handy because if you mess up, you can just rub it right off and try again!

Let it dry for a few minutes. 

Here's the "hard" part. I suggest doing this process at least an hour before bed and make sure that you don't need the oven again ;) 

Stick the mug on a baking sheet in your cold oven. Heat it up to 400 degrees and then let it bake for 14-20 minutes. Turn the oven off but, most importantly, don't take it out!!! Let the mug sit in the oven overnight and cool down completely. 

This process will allow the ink to set completely and become water resistant. It's still not a good idea to put it through the dish washer - a quick sink wash will suffice!

Mamas, did I forget anything? Something I should add for my next friend?


Erin LFF said...

These are all PERFECT ideas! And caffeine is totally allowed in limited quantities so that mug is perfect. Plus they can use it for hot chocolate or warm cider all winter too ;) You could add in a cute notebook/pen maybe? I am a paper junkie and it would be cute for a mama-to-be to use for journaling, or just to-do listing because those preggo brains go NONSTOP I tell ya!

Laura Darling said...

What a thoughtful gift!! I am going to have to remember this for my next expecting friend!!

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