Friday, November 18, 2016

5 on Friday: Thanksgiving Edition

This time next week, I’ll be deeply engrossed in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life with coffee, pop tarts and any other junk food I can find. I’ll also be knocking out our Christmas list via online Black Friday sales (WHY are people still shopping in stores?? Online deals are better and there’s no shipping. More details next week ;) ). I. Cannot. WAIT.

Let’s jump right into today’s 5 on Friday why don’t we?
One // Gilmore Girls. I have seen that some people are tired of all the Gilmore Girls hype and I totally understand that because a lot of hype is coming from bandwagon fans. BUT I have watched the series so many times I can’t even count. My husband is always like “wait, haven’t you seen this 10 times?” every time I’m watching an episode. I never liked the last season and I hated the way it ended so I am so excited that we get to enter back into Stars Hollow for what I hope is a satisfying ending. #TeamLogan
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Two // The longest Thanksgiving ever. Today is our Thanksgiving potluck at work and last year’s was amazing. So I’m sure this year will be even better since we’ve grown a lot this year! Tomorrow, we’re doing my mom’s side of the family’s Thanksgiving since my uncle is here from Hawaii. And then, of course, there’s real Thanksgiving with Christian’s side of the family on Thursday! Bring on the leggings and baggy sweaters!
Three // The Joe Biden Memes. I have no idea where these things came from but they are the only good thing that has come out of this election. I am so obsessed with them and I laugh way too hard at some.
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Image result for joe biden memes stepbrothers
Four // A barre slump. I haven’t been to Pure Barre in almost a week. This is so rare and my body is HATING me right now. It hasn’t been an especially busy week it’s just been busy during the times I normally go to class. Tomorrow, I must go before Thanksgiving or I will really start to regret it. Can someone hold me accountable, please?
Five // We are almost hitting record highs in Charlotte today. The high is 77 and the record is 78. I’m pretty confused/annoyed/upset by the current weather situation. It’s the end of November, it should be colder by now!!! And it’s not just here that’s having the weird weather, either, I know. My father in law is in Denver and on Wednesday, it was 70 degrees and yesterday it snowed. What is that about?
Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Are you ready for the Christmas season to officially begin!?


R's Rue said...

Enjoy the food.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I am so excited for Gilmore Girls! Ahhh. Our Black Friday tradition is just to go to Target at like 1 p.m. on Friday, get Starbucks, and leisurely shop. No way would I go Thursday night or crazy early Friday morning. The Joe Biden memes are the best. And yes, the only good thing to come out of this election. I'm going to my first real barre class tomorrow and I'm kind of terrified. Ha!