Monday, December 21, 2015

A December for the Books

Oh, uh, hey there. Just showing up for the first time this month. Alyssa yelled at me. But, let's be real, it's the fastest December ever and I wanted to enjoy it! Speaking of, I'll do a quick recap of what this crazy, awesome, wonderful month has been like!
After a wonderful Thanksgiving full of all the people and puppies I love, I did a lot of Black Friday shopping.... online. Plus, some Cyber Monday shopping. And just a lot of shopping this month.

I did make sure that we got our tree and decorations up ASAP since it's a shorter Christmas season because of the late Thanksgiving we had. We also decided to host a tacky sweater party on December 4, so we needed everything decorated and ready to go!
The 4th was also our tacky sweater day at work and my friend Brittany and I used out pretty amazing outfits from last year (and our old job) this year. They were a hit! I'm guessing you can see why...
That night, I got home a little early and finished cooking for the party - everyone brought something so it wasn't all my cooking, but MAN we had a delicious spread. We also had four dogs at the party and I think they had more fun than we did.

And afterwards, Ellie passed out....
That weekend, Christian, Alyssa and I went ice skating uptown and I had a BLAST. It doesn't matter to me one bit that I was scooting myself around the wall while they zoomed around the rink. I got to bundle up, wear ice skates, stare at the city skyline and be with some of my favorite people.

Oh, and I upgraded to the iPhone 6S. My thoughts are still the same:

Two weeks ago, Christian and I took Friday off and headed up to Asheville, NC to the Biltmore House like we do every year at Christmas. It truly is one of my favorite days of the year. It's such a magical place and you just can't help but be happy while you're there. We did two wine tastings, a rooftop tour of the house and then the Christmas dinner buffet!
The next day, Alyssa and I went to a couple pop up shops at some breweries and had some good girl time just hanging out. Even though we didn't buy anything, we had a good time! And that Sunday we watched the Panthers absolutely kill the Falcons... like 38-0. ZERO points scored by the Falcons.
Now, on to this weekend. This weekend was AWESOME.

About a month ago, I planned with one of our groomsmen, that he would come spend the weekend with us and surprise Christian. Why is this so surprising you ask? Well, he lives in England. He came to the states to visit his girlfriend in Ohio and we set up this trip. But, I made Christian think that we were too busy to see him and that he never told us he was coming to town. So, Friday night, I told Christian his birthday gift was being delivered and he needed to sign for it. I opened the door and Breen was getting out of the car - he was SHOCKED. It was such a fun surprise.

So we did dinner and hung out Friday night and on Saturday, Christian's other best friend came into town with his fiancé and we were all able to spend the afternoon together riding a trolley from bar to bar. Yes, a trolley. Not a regular trolley either - the kind you peddle!
We had such a blast... even though we were a little disappointed to find out that you don't actually get to drink ON the trolley - you have to consume all the alcohol inside the bars and breweries. That night, we grabbed pizza and the boys played Xbox while I caught up on all my shows.

OH, and we finished LOST last week. I won't spoil it if you've never seen it, but ho.lee.crap. I still have so many questions and we'll never get the answers.... Ugh.
I hope you've all been having wonderful Decembers and I swear I will stick around here this time... maybe. But, really - my draft box is overflowing - I just need to get to finishing these posts!

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That was such a sweet surprise for your husband!!