Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Outfits!

Happy Thursday, friends! We are exactly one week away from Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? I, for one, am pumped! I absolutely adore the holiday season. I could care less about all those summer holiday celebrations - I live for this time of year. Literally ask anyone who knows me. Seriously, if someone has met me in real life - actually, not even - Becky knew I would approve of her watching Hallmark Christmas movies weeks ago and we've never met (in person, at least)!

Today, I thought I would share some ideas I'm tossing around for my Thanksgiving outfit! All of these are derived from things that I have in my closet already. The actual pictures have some items that are more expensive, but I'm linking affordable versions because the only expensive item I actually have on this list is the Michael Kors!

one // First up, a more dressy option. Neither mine or Christian's families are terribly dressy for Thanksgiving - we like to be comfy so we can inhale all the turkey and mashed potatoes. This is a good option if I feel like being a little dressy but still not over the top!

Dressy Thanksgiving
Dress // Boots // Pearls // Purse
two // I really love this outfit and I just bought the vest I linked below and I cannot wait to wear it! It'll be here by Monday so its very likely I will be wearing a variation of the outfit below! This outfit is great because you have breathing room under the vest in case you eat too much turkey ;) 
CasualComfort - Thanksgiving
Vest // Sweater // Boots // Purse // Necklace
three // Next up, we're getting a little more casual - moving from dressier black pants to some great dark jeans! I bought this sweater last week and I've already worn in with a very similar plaid shirt and I loved it! If you're too toasty, you can take the sweater off but still look pulled together with the dark jeans and jewelry!

Casual Plaid Thanksgiving
Cardigan // Plaid // Jeans // Booties // Earrings // Purse

four // My next option is full on comfy but without sacrificing any style! Olive is one of my top 3 colors (the other two are burgundy and mint, if you were curious) so I had to include it here! This is a great outfit to really give yourself plentyyyy of eating room. Whenever I wear a tunic and leggings, I love to wear a big statement necklace to elevate the look. 

five // And finally, IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME! It's time to snuggle up in your PJ's with your food baby and sink your teeth into the Christmas season - I recommend The Santa Clause or Elf to get the party started! And of course, make sure you shop some Black Friday deals... online. 

Christmas PJs
Clockwise from top left: one // two // three // four // five // six

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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I want ALL of these outfits! Picking out holiday clothes is hard, since we want to look nice while being able to stuff ourselves! Guys have it so easy I swear!