Monday, November 16, 2015

A Weekend.

Mondays aren't my favorite. But, I can't imagine waking up and trying to function like a real person in Paris right now. My heart absolutely breaks for everyone affected by such evil and vicious attacks. It truly hurts my soul that we live in a world where terrorist attacks, school shootings, suicide bombings and the like are almost normal to us. We're sometimes desensitized to it all... Paris, we won't forget and will always keep you in our hearts.
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I was pretty lazy after work on Friday and since Christian was working late, I had plenty of time to watch Hallmark Christmas movies and snuggle with little Ellie. 


I accidentally took some time off from Pure Barre and Thursday I finally took my first class in a month so I was ready to get back into my weekend barre groove Saturday morning! 

After barre, I grabbed bagels for Christian and I and we had some Jittery Joes as our caffeine fix. 

I fully planned to come home, get ready for the day and head out to run errands. But, instead....

I organized my Christmas Pinterest boards.. yes, that's plural. Don't judge - it's my favorite holiday! I planned out all the Christmas events I want to attend in Charlotte and my must - see's on the ABC 25 Days of Christmas. I have NO shame. I also stayed in my barre clothes + slippers most of the day. 

Finally, I made myself presentable and we went to dinner with Alyssa and then headed to Sycamore Brewery to watch a local band, Of Good Nature, play! We met up with some of our other friends and had an absolute blast! It was a gorgeous night by the fire pit with great friends. 

Stolen from Alyssa ;)

Luckily, Sunday I was much more productive that Saturday! I ran those errands and of course ended up in the Target Christmas section. Shocking. But, I got the cutest snowflake coasters from the Dollar Spot so it was totally worth it :) 
Sorry, it's a little blurry. #snapchatprobs
After my errands a little cleaning, Christian and I grabbed lunch and did our biweekly grocery shopping trip. Normally its just me, but I tricked him into coming with me. SOmetimes you just need some moral support in between all Sunday craziness! After that, it was time for more Pure Barre and then some blogging and LOST :) 

Ellie and Zuko also had a pretty solid weekend as you can see here... 

She loves the weather and LOVES to sit and stare at the sky. 

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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I love Hallmark Christmas movies, I watched 2 this weekend :-) Oh and I'm mad I missed the snowflake coasters at Target, I was just there yesterday and I could really use them!