Monday, July 20, 2015

One day..

One day I will get back into blogging consistently. I really miss blogging and I do my best to try to read posts when I have time but this last year has just been such a whirlwind.. and I love it.

I wanted to check in on this glorious morning and catch you guys up some major changes we've had!

Last time I checked in, I had just quit my job that I'd had since college graduation and was in the middle of a little time off before starting a new job in June. Since that time, we've had a few big changes over here!

For starters, we went to Hawaii the last week of May for my uncle's wedding (he lives there!). It was such a blast! Although, the flights were AWFUL. We had two layovers and by the last few hours crossing the ocean, I was so antsy and angry! We travelled over 24 hours to get there and about 20 hours to get back - next time I'm cutting down on the layovers! Here's some pictures I took from the trip:
At my uncle's house for his rehearsal dinner!
The hotel pool we spent the first two days at. Heaven. 
At the spot where my uncle got married!
We were at the top of a crater! A little over 10,000 feet above sea level. It was prettyyyyy chilly up there!
Christian and I hiked and found ourselves a waterfall. Christian swam out to it.. I did not... Cold, again.
He also wasn't amused by my picture taking.
The last night at a luau!
We got back on Saturday afternoon and I started the new job that Monday. Luckily, my uncle is an acupuncturist and we had little magnets in our ears that helped "restabilize" our bodies as we crossed the time zones. So, though I was absolutely exhausted because I didn't sleep at all Friday night, after a good night's sleep Saturday I was feeling like myself on Sunday and ready for work on Monday morning!

So a little about this new job: I'm now a corporate trainer for a transportation company. Yes, this is a HUGE change from what I was doing before (a sales manager for an internet company). But I'm totally in love with it already. They have never had a trainer before, so I'm doing all the development of the program myself!

The company is smaller than where I was before and I truly feel like I'm valued and they're happy to have me there everyday. Whereas at my last company, I felt like "just a number" to the higher ups. Point of the story here: this has been the best decision of my life besides marrying Christian.

The other big life change that you may have seen on the Insta...

Baby Ellie on the day we got her at 7 weeks old. 
We adopted a puppy! Now THIS is quite the overwhelming decision. I love this little bug SO much. But, I'm also EXHAUSTED. I'm sure anyone that has had a puppy remembers the middle of the night potty breaks, constantly trying to get her to stop biting, jumping, chewing on my baseboards, couch, coffee table (thank god its metal), etc. And her little nails and teeth I'm convinced are made of needles ;)
Her fox is her best friend. 

She loves to watch Dad anytime he's outside. 

But, with all the exhaustion comes the cutest snuggles, the puppy breath kisses, the adorable way she plays fetch and her nightly walks where she's constantly discovering new things and can't walk in a straight line if you offered her a steak to do it! I love watching her grow and develop into the most perfect dog. And as I type this, she's snoring in her bed and I'm dying from cuteness overload. 

Needles paws. 
It's been the most fun six weeks but I'll be completely honest when I say I'm ready to hit about the 6 month mark because that's when I hear the potty training starts to stick! But, the energy isn't going anywhere since she's an Australian Shepard/Lab mix. Good thing Christian likes to hike, run, swim, etc. He has a little partner in crime now!

And needless to say, any and all baby fever I may have had is completely gone! Puppies last 6 months to a year... Babies last forever so I think we'll stick with Ellie and Zuko just a bit longer. :)

And last but not least, we finally traded in my tiny Honda Civic last weekend for this gorgeous thing! Now I can throw Ellie in the car and take off. I also got to use it for grocery shopping over the weekend and it was so great piling it all in the back!

Other than loving my new earlier schedule, tons of time for Pure Barre and lots of puppy snuggles, we've actually had time to have a life on the weekends since I'm not working on them anymore! We've had time for dinners with friends, new restaurant openings, movies whenever we want, walks on the Greenway and more. I seriously don't think anything in the world could make me any happier than I am right now.

** If you want to see a bajillion pictures of Ellie, follow me on Instagram (leslie_dice) or Snapchat (e-mail me) :)
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