Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Through the iPhone.

I'm easing my way back into blogging this week by spending my Sunday playing a bit of reading catch up, planning some post ideas and even drafting a few for this week while watching the Billboard Music Awards (which is teaching my I'm getting old...)

For today, you're getting some iPhone pictures (some of which are on Insta, too, if you follow over there!) These go all the way back to March so I can play a little bit of catch up!


What kind of post would this be if Zuko wasn't included?? He's just too freakin' cute!

His favorite spring spot - in the open window!

I very rudely put his toys in the basket. They definitely belong in the middle of the living room. 

The cutest snuggle bug you ever did see. 

Excuse the mess! But, we had a puppy friend over for the weekend and Zuko had to take cover!

He's also really great at helping me put clothes away!
Washington, DC. 

We have been to DC three times already this year! We went to visit Christian's sister over Valentine's Day weekend! It was full of great food, a couple museums and running through a blizzard for 2 miles.. at night. It was a blast! I went up with my two best friends later in February because Kristin lives about 1.5 hours away so we made a day trip of it! I was pretty proud of myself for navigating the Metro stops having only been there once before! And finally, we went back up to surprise Christian's sister for her 30th birthday party. The entire party was a surprise but us being there was a double surprise! That trip we stayed with his best friend. I have also totally fallen in love with DC. I would go up every weekend if we could! 

First Visit

So, you can see here - no snow. 

This was less than 5 minutes later. And we were 2 miles from a Metro stop.. It was quite the experience!

Second Visit 

Navigating the Metro like pros!

Sadly, we didn't see Fitz and Olivia on the porch :( 

Third Visit 

Hanging out at the Biergarten for the surprise party!

ADORABLE row homes near the surprise party!

The weekend in desserts... that's a homemade pop-tart on the top!!
Some outfits. 

Sometimes I feel like documenting my outfits... don't be surprised if that increases with this new job!

Some Events. 

My birthday was May 4th and my coworkers/employees treated me SO well! I will miss those guys (but that's it!)

Kristin came to Charlotte for the Walk to Defeat ALS at the end of April! It was rainy and gross but we raised a ton of money!

SO  then we celebrated with a little brewery tour!

And had quite a lot of fun :) 

I'm finally cooking again! Thursday, I cooked up one of my favorites!

No description  needed... I freakin' love FroYo.

J.J. Red Hots is one of my favorite places in Charlotte. So I requested it for my birthday lunch!
So there you have it - an iPhone photo dump. I promise I will be back with some more words tomorrow! And I plan to have a wedding post on Wednesday! :) 

Happy Monday, long lost friends!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Leap.

Yesterday, I took a leap of faith. (Oh, and hello. Hi, it's Leslie. I used to blog here).

I quit my job. I'm still letting it sink in a little, but so far I love it.

Let me back up a little, here.

I've mentioned work a few times here on the blog before: Like when I started and how much I loved it. And then again when I started to really dislike it.. And once more when I was promoted, got my own team of sales agents and fell back in love with it. So as you can see, the last two years have been a roller coaster of emotions, a million changes and a lot of learning and growth.

Over the last 3-4 months, it became obvious that my time there was coming to end. I've never had a boss dislike me, but it became very obvious my new boss (she became my boss end of December) did not like me and made me dread going to work.
I was given an earlier schedule in January and by March, I was working 3p-midnight.. AGAIN. I worked that late shift the majority of the last two years and I was told this would be "temporary" originally. At the end of March, it was made obvious that I wasn't getting an earlier schedule any time in the foreseeable future. Some other comment were made that same week that made it clear it was time to go.

I went home that night and started updating my LinkedIn, resume and drafting cover letters and immediately started sending out resumes. After about a month, one of my best friends told me a friend of hers had posted some job openings at her company she thought I would like. I applied and about a week later, that friend of a friend contacted me and asked me to come in for an interview.

That interview was two Thursday's ago at 9am and the next day I had a job!!!

I gave my two week's notice last week at work, but some things happened on Monday that made it clear my run was going to be up a few days earlier than planned.

Many people told me "just quit today" "make today your last day" "don't tell them until the day you're ready to leave", etc. That's not my style at all. I was dead set on giving a two weeks notice and plenty of time for them to prepare a replacement for me even though I wasn't treated with the same respect in other aspects.
So, yesterday, I went in a few hours early, walked down to HR and let them know I was done. It was liberating! I had no idea what to do with myself yesterday and it didn't really sink in until today. Like right now, I should be driving to work. Instead I'm blogging and watching Gilmore Girls after already grocery shopping and prepping dinner. I still have plans to clean the downstairs and go to Pure Barre!

I start my new job on June 1, and we'll be in Hawaii later this month so I'm going to enjoy these days of nothing because I'll be working a normal schedule, regular weekends and trying to learn to live like the rest of the world!
Also, I plan on blogging again. At least until I start work ;)

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