Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend What?

With this new position, I don't have a weekend. Granted, I've always worked Sundays but I always had Friday and Saturdays off. Nowadays, I'm pretty much always off on Saturday but my other day off is up in the air and changes each week so I've always got to make the best of Saturdays.

This one especially because I won't be seeing Christian again until late Friday night or possible Saturday morning since I'll be working 2-11p Monday through Friday since we'll be leaving for the beach Saturday morning!!!

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Southpark for the Walk to Defeat ALS with one of my best friends. Her dad was diagnosed her senior year of college (3 years ago) and ever since I've seen more strength from one family than I ever thought possible. And every year we all walk with them to raise money for ALS research and to support families dealing with this terrible disease.

I stole this awesome group picture of all of us from all 3 walks from her Instagram. It's so wonderful to see so many people stand up with her family and fight with them! And as you can see the group has only grown!!

After the walk, the mister had to be fed because he was hungry and cranky so we headed to Chili's for lunch before a quick cat nap. We had grand plans of cleaning the apartment which quickly disappeared after the nap when I headed to the pool. I was there for literally an hour and I have tan red lines. #palegirlproblems

For Easter, his parents gave us a gift card for a free movie and we decided to cash it in on Divergent! We're day-movie people but since it was so gorgeous outside, we decided to wait until the night showing... terrible idea. 

Since Divergent had been out for awhile, I assumed we were safe - FALSE! Children everywhere. The movie started at 7:10 and we got there about 6:50ish and the theater was pretty empty so I felt good about our decision. Slowly but surely the theater completely filled up with children. Two parents even came and asked us to scoot down so they could put their 3 kids next to us and then they LEFT THE THEATER.

Needless to say, I spent the entire previews thinking we should leave to go see a more "adult movie" so I wouldn't have to listen to all of the kids talking through it but by the time the movie actually started, they all shut up! It was wonderful and I was actually able to enjoy the movie.

I've yet to read the book that I downloaded on my tablet months ago, but now I'm really wanting to read it. Also - WHY was that movie so depressing?? I won't ruin anything - but I wasn't expecting the first movie to be that sad. 

Luckily, Four is ridiculously hot and I could keep myself distracted that way. 

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