Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{Wedding Wednesday} Things I'm Excited About!

We are 221 days from the Big Day (seriously, WHY is it so far away?!) and I'm starting to get really excited about some wedding related things.

one //  My bridesmaids and I will be getting ready (except for our dresses) at my apartment. You'd think this would panic me, but I'm so excited because it means whenever we look back at those pictures, our very first home together will be captured on film and we'll have that forever. This is where our new life started and I love that I will have that to show our kids and that I will never forget exactly how this place looked.

two // Mom is coming up in two weeks to tour the venue, make some big ole wedding decisions, buy my shoes (and maybe jewelry, we'll see) and go shopping with a few of my bridesmaids for dresses! I'm excited to have two full days with mainly just me and mom in full fledge wedding mode. I haven't really had a lot of time to focus/make decisions and it needs to get done!

three // Honeymoon. I don't know why I always forgot about this part, but good lord I'm pumped. An entire week of just me and Christian, sleeping in pure luxury, drinking cocktails on the beach all day and eating delicious food. We've also never been on a real vacation just the two of us, so we're SO ready for this.

We haven't picked an exact location yet, but we're focusing in on Mexico right now. Possibly Jamaica. Yes, we know we need to get to it, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! We're open to anything we can get all inclusive, a giant fluffy king bed, breathtaking beach views and preferably couples/adults only.

four // So much time with my best friends. There are showers, wedding planning, Bachelorette party, etc. My bridesmaids are spread out everywhere! Two are in Charlotte (Sam and Christian's sister, Anna) but Katherine lives in Indianapolis, Kristin lives in Athens (my hometown!) and his other sister, Julia, lives in DC. I'm pumped to be able to have everyone together so many times!!

Me, Sam and Kristin just being reallll cool and sober at a football game. 
five // And you know, the big thing: being married to my soulmate and best friend. I always thought "soulmate" sounded so cheesy but Christian really is my other half. We complement each other perfectly - he's level headed and keeps me grounded when I have a tendency to get myself so worked up over little things or run out on a shopping spree and spend a little too much.

And he has a tendency to get too serious or stressed over work and I'm the silly one who tries to distract him. I'm also the dreamer who thinks of big giant houses with huge yards we can't afford and deciding I need a new car (I don't and I've been talked out of it, don't worry) but I keep him on his toes and try to keep him open and dreaming!

I can't wait for everything life has ahead of us and I'm so excited I found him early enough in life that we can go through all the next stages supporting and loving each other.

This one was actually completely candid - and completely us. I'm sure he's making fun of me. 
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Jasam said...

I'd recommend Jamaica :) My husband and I went there for a vacation and it was a blast. They have different resorts that offer inclusive packages, so be sure to shop around! Wedding planning is so exciting! Have fun with your mom and your girl friends!

Becky said...

My best friend is planning for us to get ready in her parents house and I feel like whatever makes you feel the most comfortable is a great idea! I wish I had tropical recommendations for you…must go on vacation soon haha.

Kristyn said...

Having your mom there will be a blast! That sounds so fun!

Check Trip Advisor for all inclusives in Jamaica (or Mexico) to make sure you are getting exactly what they say you are getting. Reviews are key - at least for me!

Thanks for linking up!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Everyone always talks about the Sandals in St. Lucia being amazing.. 3 of my friends have actually honeymooned there!

Mary said...

So many excited things ahead for you!! I love the times I've spent with my bridesmaids and mom, too - everyone is in different states so when we're together it's so special! Love that last photo of you two, too! :)