Friday, December 6, 2013

It is FINALLY Friday!

I haven't been this excited for a Friday in quite awhile. After working mandatory overtime and having my day off taken away, I am exhausted. But, anyways, it's all done now and I'm one happy girl!

Onto my 5 on Friday with April and Christina!

one // I got to come home an hour and a half early last night! We had computer issues all day long that were making it very hard and extremely frustrating to get our jobs done. Finally, around 10;30p, right after I had gotten off a call and was about to take another one, the managers start yelling to clock out and go home early since the ETA for everything being fixed was 6-8 hours! I was out the door in 3 minutes and home to snuggle with my boys in about 15.

two // Last night's Scandal. Everyone should just accept that I will talk about Scandal every Friday when it comes on the night before. I actually got to watch it last night and I yelled at the screen multiple times and I cannot BELIEVE what Shonda Rhimes comes up with. That woman is a genius. I'm also extremely sad that next week is the winter finale. I hate winter finales.

three // We are headed to Asheville today! We're taking it easy this morning before moseying up there around noon since our candlelight tour isn't until 9:30p. We plan on visiting the grounds and the vineyard while also doing a wine tasting and dinner this afternoon before the tour starts. I've never been to either and I am SO ridiculously excited.

four // I really want another kitten. Like.. I adore Zuko but I feel like having TWO kitties would make life even better. We do eventually want a dog but not while we're living in an apartment with no yard. I want our dog to live a happy life in a big house and running around in a yard, so we're waiting. In the meantime, Zuko could use a friend so he's not lonely when we're at work. Now to convince Christian...

Preferably this little guy
five // We're almost done decorating for Christmas!  As you saw on Tuesday, we got most of it done. I plane to finish the rest tomorrow. We're going to put some ribbon and garland around our breakfast room window, possible the living room window, and front door. We also want to do something on the empty shelf space above the kitchen counters.. probably with some sort of Christmas lights. And last but not least, we have little icicle lights for the porch! I also plan on making hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and watching some of my favorite Christmas movies - Elf, The Santa Clause and How the grinch Stole Christmas.
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carly said...

I had to look up the Biltmore and it looks so gorgeous! I probably should not admit I've never heard of if before, but can't wait to hear about your trip there!

I don't watch scandal but I almost feel like I do through everyones reactions/responses to what happens! haha

Have a good weekend!

Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

I LOVE Biltmore, my brother is going up tomorrow and we almost joined him, with Brandon being from Asheville its something we get a chance to do often. I bought a season pass one year(obsessed) PS Christmas is my favorite time to go it is BEAUTIFUL. You can sample all the wine your heart desires too!

Erin LFF said...

I looove love love Biltmore! I've never been at Christmas-time though and cannot wait to do it some day! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

Teh Megan said...

2. I wish Shonda still wrote for Grey's. Oh how I miss her skills. The new writers just aren't her. I am tempted to watch all shows she writes, but I just don't have that much time.

3. We did the candlelight tour last year, and for some reason I was anticipating a guided tour. I was wrong and disappointed, but it was still pretty! We went early to get grounds photos at sunset, which was awesome.

5. Hot chocolate... sounds like a good idea for right now!