Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Happy Friday!

If you haven't seen me obsessing on Twitter and Instagram this week, I am SO excited it's Friday. I have such an awesome weekend planned, so let me get right to it! I decided to do this week a little different and just show some of my favorite memories since I'm headed to Indiana this afternoon to watch my best friend graduate! 

She moved to GA in 10th grade and we've been inseparable since the summer between 11th and 12th. We lived together our Freshman year of college (and had quite experience when I was being a brat because of a boy). Then I moved to Boone and shortly after she transferred to Purdue, so sadly we don't see each other often but that girl is my other half and I would do anything for her. So of course, as soon as she had a graduation date and time, I had a plane ticket!

So here we go..

Her trips to Boone! She came with our friend and freshman year suitemate, Bekah the summer between sophomore and junior year and it was a blast! She also came up for graduation with my family and it was amazing to have her there!

My visit to Young Harris. After leaving YH, I visited my first Fall in Boone and we were able to celebrate another Halloween together! We wanted to be Disney princesses but we're too big for the costumes. SO we were really classy "morning after" girls.... #sorrynotsorry

The parties at YH. There were always themes and we always went all out. Left, Decades and right, Player's Ball (aka... Pimp and Hoes...)... we were bunnies :) 

Move in day!! We were so insanely excited. We spent all the days leading up to it hanging out, buying decorations and planning how it was going to look. Our room was AWESOME. We went with black and pink and we each had an accent color on our side. Boys hated it, girls loved it. 

High school graduation! We threw a party together with all of our friends and family and it was an absolute blast! We even cut the cake together since we were moving in together and all ;) 

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