Monday, November 18, 2013

What Weekend?

If you missed my tweets last week, I came back from Athens sick as a dog. I felt bad on Sunday, felt a little better on Monday and then it was all downhill on Tuesday through the rest of the week. I had to leave work early Thursday and climb straight into PJs. I took some meds to knock me out and slept like a rock Thursday night.

Friday was rough and I didn't get dressed or leave the couch - except to ride with Christian through the Panera drive thru. After a sandwich and some soup, I caught up on the DVR (and OMG SCANDAL - everyone, stop what you're doing and watch this!!!) and Christian harassed the cat.

Saturday, I slept in again after taking some good meds and I felt decent when I woke up. Even though I slept in, I was able to actually get dressed and run a few errands in the afternoon. I trekked to the mall trying to find the perfect white dress for our engagement pictures today. With "winter whites" being a thing, it sure was a challenge to find something I liked! I almost had to settle for a mint-y dress but on second thought, I checked out American Eagle and shockingly enough, they had the perfect white, short sleeve sweater-y dress that I was picturing in my head!!

I also may or may not have purchased a few items from Target's Christmas section... In my defense, it was more of a "winter" decoration and we don't have wrapping paper so of course I needed to stock up while there were a lot of choices! And, we really needed the Christmas countdown chalk board or else we wouldn't know when Christmas was...

I then spent the rest of Saturday posted up on the couch catching up on blogs and Pinterest and watching more TV while Christian was out with the boys. Of course, Zuko helped me out. 

Of course, on Sunday, I worked all day like normal and it was slowwwwww. But, for some reason, they cut our lunches to 30 minutes so I couldn't come home and eat with Christian like I normally do on Sunday. After work, I came home, at some dinner and made sure Christian had all his clothes ready for today.

This morning, I got up early and headed Uptown to get my hair and make up done for our pictures! After reading Christina's post last week, I clicked through to find the sweetest hair and make up artist and decided to treat myself - hey, you only get engaged once! And I am SO glad I did! Lindsey is so sweet and she made me look awesome.. If I do say so myself :)

The rest of the day will be spent hanging out with my man and grabbing lunch before headed out for our pictures - I can't wait to share them with all of you!

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Katie said...

Buying Christmas decorations is my favorite thing! Really you can consider it and investment because you'll use them year after year!