Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions.

Growing up, we always went to my grandmother's (my dad's mom) house for Thanksgiving dinner. In high school, we began alternating between my dad's mom and my mom's dad here in North Carolina and sadly, my sweet grandmother passed away when I was starting my senior year of high school. Since then, we've always come to Charlotte for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving circa 2009
Until last year.

My uncles live in Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington and Hawaii and last year each of them decided to do their own thing for Thanksgiving so my grandparents went to the beach. We stayed in Athens and had Thanksgiving with a friend's family.

This year, we're also doing Thanksgiving on our own in Athens. But, I might possibly be more excited than I have been any other year! Not only will I get to spend a few days with just me and my family (Christian is staying in Charlotte with his family), I also get to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and best friend!!

I did make a small trip last time I was in Athens but this time, we're going to Atlanta, my best friend will be there and we have made legitimate appointments at a couple places! After trying on about 7 dresses, I'm still completely overwhelmed and have no idea what I want. of course, I keep hearing that I'll "just know" the same way I did with Christian, etc, but I'm finding that hard to believe because I'm indecisive and obsessed with so many different types and styles of dresses.

This is kind of a rambling post about how we don't really have a set tradition anymore, and that's completely fine with me. Every year, something will come up and I know I'll spending it right where I need to every year. 

The only thing I would change is that I could spend Thanksgiving with Christian. We've actually never spent a Thanksgiving together, but we've sworn that we absolutely will be together next year since we'll have been married a little over a month at that time and hopefully my family will be in Charlotte so we can do both families on the same day! 

Plus, he can't come dress shopping with me ;)

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